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[LA] New Possessive and Protective Couple Poses

17 Mar

This new poses represent two different feelings, two faces of Love.

Possessive, its an ode to jealousy and passionate love:
while Protective express the warm feeling of protection and tenderness

[LA] New Kisses and Cuddles Couple Poses

10 Mar

There are three new couple poses at the LA Poses Store:

The cutest couple ever:

The kiss:

and Tender Passion

come and try ’em 🙂

[LA] New Intimate and Lovers Couple Poses

10 Mar

Check this out at the new Poses Store in the LA Headquarter



Price: 100L$
Fat Pack: 4 Intimate + 4 Lovers = 500 L$

[LA] Multipose Fashion Stool

3 Mar

LostAngel presents the Multipose Fashion Stool

* 10 fashion poses
* stool prims are full mod
* Menu driven without poseballs
* 5 prims
* Permission are: MOD |NO COPY |TRANS
* Price : 650 L $

Is also available the COPY version

* Permission are: MOD | COPY | NO TRANS

Come try it at the Gallery! Available also on OnRez and SLXchange

[LA] Posestand 1.4

3 Mar

If you’re a serious photographer you can’t miss it! 😉


* 3 prims
* Configuration notecard
* Chat commands to change pose, rotate, hide, etc… (configurable channel)
* Access control (owner, group, everyone)
* More will come in upcoming *FREE* versions

Permissions are: MOD | COPY | NO TRANS

You can have your model sit on it and forget about clicking everywhere trying to chage his/her pose…
Just say the command on the chat line and the posestand will follow your orders.

v1.1 first standard posestand.. nothing is different from others
v1.2 basic chat commands .. back and next
v1.3 added more commads (rotation and info), auto update feature implemented
v1.4 config file – access restriction

Come try it at the Gallery! Available also on OnRez and SLXchange

[LA] Couple Poses “Naughty”

3 Mar

Four hot! couple poses available now @ the Gallery.

The Lovers

Just go behind the red curtain into the new room…;)

[LA] Couple Poses “Valentine”

3 Mar

You can find @ Gallery three new couple poses celebrating Valentine’s Day “Just Us” , “You & Me” and “Valentine”.
Valentine's Stand