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[LA] Valentine Pack ’09

10 Feb

Valentine Pack is now available at LostAngel Sky District!

Valentine Pack ’09 includes:

  • 4 Couple Poses : Classic, very photographic, absolutely romantic.
  • 1 Couple Pose with an heart prop ( beating at touch )
  • Available separately or in a fatpack (-20% discount, one free)

Valentine #1:

(thanks to:  Mr Cheyn Lane for modelling with me)


(thanks to:  Mr David Dinzel for modelling with me)


(Thanks to: Miss Digit Darkes and Mr Cicciuzzo Gausman for modeling for me)


(Thanks to: Miss Pompeja Rossini and Mr Kaoz Koba from Damiani for modeling for me)

Valentine#5 – touch the heart!

Heart Prop included, it starts to beat if touched!

(no LA big logo on the heart, just for this pic)

Thanks to my sun, Pier Tempel!

  • Buying the Fatpack you will pay for 4 poses, one is free!

Located in > LostAngel Sky District >  Poses Store.

Happy Valentine!<3


Evangeline is wearing: .::Vassnia::. Pie – The Night Dress (no skirt)
Necklace and Earrings: Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: [ND]

Valentine #2
Evangeline is wearing:
Outfit and pants: by Redgrave
Shoes: Pin Up pumps by Stiletto Moody
Necklace and Earrings :  Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: Abyss

Valentine #3:
Digit Darkes is wearing an outfit created by: Digit Darkes

Pompeja Rossini is wearing an outfit created by: Pompeja Rossini (Pomj)

Valentine #5:
Evangeline is wearing:
Hat and Jacket: Argrace
Hair : Abyss
Jeans: SYD
Shoes: Flat ballerina’s by ETD

psssssst.  Please remember that ” LostAngel”  is ONE word, no spaces, no plural 🙂

[LA] Urban Glam

6 Feb

Introcing URBAN GLAM , a serie of grungy/urban cool Poses with Props, perfect for underground shots and/or  for decoration in your streets.

Urban Glam Collection is composed by:

# 1 The Stairs – Group Pose with props ( stairs / smoking sewer door)

#2 Barrells: N2 barrells with Pose (available separately or in fatpack)

#3 Graffiti: Couple Pose, with :

a texture changing wall (10 grungy textures)

a texture changing graffiti (10 graffiti textures)

a spray can , with changing color spray

#2 cushions

Attention: Urban Glam collection is not in the Poses Store, but in the Factory, a new zone in the Sky District. You can find a teleport at the entrance of the land or search for “LostAngel Urban Glam” in the search.

[LA] Last Releases

6 Feb

After a minor break from SL ( Dec-Jan)  i’ve released some new stuff, but didn’t update the blog, because i really was overwhelmed!’s time i think to resume all the [LA] Last Releases

True Love – Couple Pose

True Love exists! L´amore vero esiste! Le vrai amour exist! L´amor verdadero esiste!….

The Class (Back To School)! – Set with Props

Set is composed by (available separately or in a fatpack):

# Desk 1: includes 1 desk, 3 poses, books/objects

# Desk 2: includes 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 chalkboard with texture changing, 3 poses, books/objects

– #Desk 3: includes a couple pose, a chair w/ pose

-# Bonus Pose : the “Teacher” available only with the Fatpack

NB: Big Chalkboard not included (available on xstreet sl)

Outfits by : Sweetest Goodbye

Showgirls – Poseset, Group Pose

Set is composed by : 10 female Solo poses (can be purchased  separately or in a fatpack), available also in a Group Pose with photographic set included.

Male Action/Drama Fatpack – Fatpack now available for this category, new poses available.

LostAngel Poses – LostAngel Sky District –  Jiknyeo