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[LA] Seven Deadly Sins – LUST

12 Mar

Dear friends,

As promised the last sin has been released, and all the 7 Deadly Sins are now available again for purchase. Attention: the entire collection of Sins will NOT be available for purchase in the Sky District , but in the LOSTANGEL sim.

Search for LOSTANGEL in the Classifieds, in places, in my profile, on the map or you will find the direct tp also in the Sky District Poses store.


7.    T H E    L   U    S    T

Lust (or lechery) is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Giving in to lusts can lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and transgressions including sexual addiction, and other perversions.. Lust is “excessive love of others”.

[NEW] Boudoir Chaise Longue, menu driven, that includes:

– 8 Male/Female “Lust” Couple Poses
– 1 Female/Female “Lust” Couple Pose
– 1 Male/Male “Lust” Couple Pose
– 10  textures options / 2 legs options (gold and silver)

Available in two versions: transfer and copy
In both versions positions can be adjusted using friendly menu.
[LA] Lust Chaise Longue is 10 prims only, totally redesigned
perfect for your couple hot photoshots and also very decorative.

Due to huge request, is now available , for the BIG SINNERS the Seven Deadly Sins FATPACK. (LUST sin will be included in its transfer version)
… You can consider this as the 8th sin 😛

….Thank you very much  for your interest in this Seven Deadly Sins collection, and sorry for the delay

and also…welcome to LOSTANGEL sim only the Seven Deadly Sins stand will be open for the  public, the rest of the sim is still “work in progress”
…. so if you see prims in the air, it’s all ok

See you in heaven, or hell 🙂