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[LA] Industries – New Couple/Group Poses Collections

27 May

For those who still didn’t know all the new releases, a quick summary of what is new in LostAngeL Industries!

Let’s start with the new Couple and Friend/ Group Poses :

Couple Poses can be found in the Yellow Room (use Tp map at the Infocenter):

Images: Courtesy of Taylor Flanagan (

1. Adoring You- Category Romantic/Drama

Included two versions of the pose ( one is more “dramatic”)


Male : Hair- DJ, LELUTKA; Skin – Neo,DAMIANI; Jacket: Tokyo Intake, AITUI; Jeans: Vintage Jeans rolled UP, MUISM

Female : Hair – Annah, LELUTKA; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Top- Blossom Black, MIMIKRI; Shoes – Black pump, JIMMY CHAU


2. You Are Mine – Category Romantic/Cover with prop

This couple pose has a peculiarity: it’s “double face”. Both male and female are looking at the camera and with the eyes are saying ” he is mine” …”she is mine” …. That’s why i’ve added a mirror to catch both female and male gaze in the pic, and have the cool effect of the reflection.

Mirror is texture-changing , colors are:  gold, gold dark, silver.


Male: Skin- Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female: Body- Black Lace Corset -,POPFUZZ;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI;  Hair -Amber, TRUTH


3. Hot Dance – Category: Action/Passion


Male : Skin-Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female:Skin-Elin, LAQROKI, Shoes- Bare Greta-Stiletto MOODY;Necklace – Illmatic, FABULOUS; Outfit-Dancer Set Silver-KITTIES LAIR; Sunglasses-Fame Shade, (VW)


4. Passionate – Category : Passion


Male: Outfit – MUISM; Hair-Dare, NAUGHTY; Skin -Neo, DAMIANI.

Female: Hair-Tess, LAQROKI; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini : ARMIDI


5. She is My Doll – Category : Romance /Cover


Men : Skin- MINNU ; Hair – Dare, NAUGHTY

Female: Hair- Mirella + Samara chest strands , LELUTKA;  Shoes- Pumps, JIMMY CHAU; Outfit – Darcie Safari, MIMIKRI


6. SShhhh – Category : Romance


Male: Skin and Shape by DAMIANI

Female : Hair – Mica 2008, MAITREYA; Shoes – Bare Vivien, STILETTO MOODY;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI.


7. Summer Love ( GIFT POSE)

This pose is a gift for you. You can find it in the Yellow Room, just click the LA shopping bag and you’ll receive it


Male : Underwear – AITUI;  Skin – Neo, DAMIANI; Hair – DJ, LELUTKA.

Female: Hair- Samara, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chloe, MIMIKRI; Shoes- Pump, JIMMI CHAU; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI.


8. Heaven on Earth – Category: Romance/ Cover


Men: Skin – Neo, DAMIANI

Female : Skin, LAQROKI; Hair – Samara, LELUTKA, Shoes-Shanon Diamond, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chemise Dress teal, SHIT LUCK; Necklace – [ICON]


9. Smooch – Category: Romance/ Cover/ friendship


Female : Hair- Aradia, LELUTKA; Skin – Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini – ARMIDI


Let me now  introduce you the Group / Friends Poses, that you will find in the Orange Room :

1. Top Models Reunion : The Ultimate Fashion Group Pose!

Credits: All the Models are wearing : skins from LAQROKI; Hair from LELUTKA ( except the last one , wearing Sara-ADEN); and outfits by MIMIKRI ( excpet the last one, wearing INTIMIZZIO undies); Shoes are from STILETTO MOODY and JIMMY CHAU.


2. Groovejet #2 – Part#2 of a popular group Pose of past season!This is hot!


3. Angels x 2 – The Girl/Girl attitude pose!


Girl #1 : Hair- Micai, *DH*;  Necklace – REDGRAVE; Top – [LA] Tank – LostAngel Apparels – [free gift in the Green Room]; Bikini – AMIDI; Bracelets- Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS, Skin – LAQROKI.

Girl#2: Hair – Apple, MAITREYA; Top – MIMIKRI; Bracelets – Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS;  Skin – SKYE, DAMIANI.

The GIFT: Also in the Orange room there is a  gift waiting for you! A big Poseframe with two poses included and texture changing frame!


End of part #1, And the Best Has Yet to Come!


[Yellow Room/ Couple Poses]

[Orange Room/ Group/ friend Poses]

[LA] Are you ready?!?!

10 May

Top: Invite by Absinthe Primrose

Bottom: Telport Pod Invite by event sponsor Jackie Graves of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal

(thanks Jackie!!) with slight modifications by Absinthe Primrose…invite going out tonight!

~~~~~~~~~ LostAngel Industries – Captain’s Log ~~~~~~~~

10 May 2009 – At first it seemed impossible to build where once nothing stood.

Reports are now in that the station is at last complete, able to sustain life, and a portal to the underworld has been established (provided safety masks are worn).

Our first guests are expected soon and we will find out how successful we are at reestablishing life in this new beginning.

Mission guidelines have been set for our guests, should they follow them, all should go well.

We’ve prepared a map but survivial is up to them.

~~~~~~~~~ MISSION DETAILS ~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dress Code: Cyber Glam

More than $50k in gifts and prizes to be distributed

10AM to 2PM
DJ Summer Deadlight
Main Roon

12PM to 2PM
DJ Mace Runo

2PM to 4PM
DJ Azu Catteneo
White Room

4PM to 6PM
DJ Kromus Korobase
Glow Room

Access to Event Closed until May 10th @ 10am. Will post again tomorrow with LM!

It’s a New Age … Are You In?

Sim Build by Evangeline Cortes 
Hosted by LostAngel Industries
Powered by Studio Red
Sponsored by Graves – Leather. Latex. Metal.
PR by Avenue

[LA] The future is looming closer …

4 May

…  …. are you in?
Sunday, May 10th. Powered by Studio Red.

Sponsored by : Avenue Inc
and Graves Leather, Latex and Metal

PR and Promotion: Studio Red and Avenue Inc

More information will be available as event date nears.

Artwork : Evangeline Cortes of LostangeL
Female model: Nerissa Lubitch (wearing skin by Laqroki)
Male model: Evangeline Cortes (wearing skin by Damiani, on Pier Tempel shape, thanks)
Outfits by: Graves Leather, Latex and Metal
Logo and Typography: by Absinthe Primrose

here we go!!