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[LA] AVENUE LostAngeL Supplement

23 Jun

… is out! and it’s smoking hot!

AVENUE – The Ultimate Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine in Second Life. This sizzling issue displays LostAngeL Industries’ latest offerings and an exclusive interview with owner and creator Evangeline Cortes.

Cover By: Absinthe Primrose

>>>>>> See the Issue >>>>>

Photography By: Divine Tokyoska

Avenue Models: Iustinian Tomsen, Sapphire Coakes, Sally Yachvili, Tempest Rosca

Interview by: Vixie Rayne
Photographed by: Temperance Moonites

Produced by: Avenue magazine
[Cover Credits]

Evangeline Cortes is wearing:
Male Shirt, Skin and Hair  from LAQROKI;
Stockings by: ARTILLERI;
Boots by: BAX COHEN
Cigarette by : ANIMAH


Ok, i’ll start with Absinthe Primrose the amazing talented woman that created this cover image. All the honors to her, all i did was bringing the pose and driving her mad changing my hair, and she did this masterpiece of hotness! Thank you, you are precious, you know that already!

If you are stunned by the cover , open the publication and you’ll be even more stunned!  … Divine Tokyoska did the shoots  for the spreads inside.. all i can say is that i’m amazed by her talent and use of colors, thanks for accepting to do this!

Last but not least, the amazing Avenue staff that realized this, thanks so much, i love you!

See the issue here

[LA] Hot Tub

19 Jun

The Hot Tub is here (finally)!

Part of the Boudoir Serie, this classic multipose includes a lot of sexy/spa/chillout/sensuous Couple and Single Poses, for both.

Let me introduce it:

1. the HOT TUB

N.8 Couple Poses and N. 20 Female/Male/Unisex Single poses, menu driven, all easily adjustable.

Touch the structure to start the menu and chose your pose, touch the water and the faucet to have cool effects like bubbles and steam.

Permissions are COPY and MOD, so you can use it as a prop on your personal photostudio.

The Boudoir Hot Tub comes with a texture changing Tub Curtain included.

2. A special PhotoSet is available too! (includes Hot Tub)

Considering the number and the quality of poses included in the hot tub, this prop couldn’t be cheap, so i prepared for you a complete Tub Set that you can have for only +500L$ more than the price of the tub (tub included), that includes a lot of accessories to play with:

The Set includes: two options (dark wood, light wood structure-see pic) accessories like towels, candles.., a texture changing frame, a texture changing window with lot of backgrounds included, a special edition couple pose called “Before the Tub”

and also: you can easily add your own backgrounds simply adding textures in the content chart. It’s all Mod and Copy!

Hot Tub Stand can be found in the Classic Furniture Room, LostAngel sim.

LostAngel (168/51/30)

Have fun!


Evangeline – Hair from TRUTH/Maitreya, Skin from LAQROKI, Bikinis from LostAngel (not yet released)

Pier (thanks for posing with me) – Hair from NAUGHTY, Skin from MINNU, Underwear from CASA del SHAI.

[LA] Modern Furniture and Props

11 Jun

Modern Furniture Overview : the Dormeuses Serie , available in the Modern Furniture Room ( White Room)

White Room – Courtesy of Taylor Flanagan

[Dormeuse Serie ] includes 5 Modern themed furniture Multiposes: all the pics are here :

[Dormeuse DEEJAY]

5 poses with menu/ adjustable – headphones – accessories – texture changing cushion. Rock and Glam!

[credits : oufit by BIJOU; socks by REFUGE; Shoes by : STILETTO M; Skin by LAQ]


5 poses with menu/ adjustable – Shopping bags [mod]- accessories – texture changing pillows. For the real fashionista!

[credits =  swimwear by : ARMIDI; Sunglasses by : VW; Shoes by : STILETTO M;  Hair by : LELUTKA; Skin by LAQ]

[Dormeuse ROMANCE]

4 couple poses with menu/ adjustable – accessories – texture changing pillows. Amazing romantic couple poses!

[credits = [f]  swimwear by : ARMIDI;  Shoes by : JC Shoes;  Hair by : LAQ; Skin by LAQ; [m] outfit by : GRAVES; Hair by : ABYSS; Skin by: DAMIANI]

[Dormeuse [LA]-Z Boy

5 male poses with menu/ adjustable – one LA Beer – texture changing pillows. Watching the match on Tv. having a beer.. this is for you guys!

[credits =   Hair by : ARGRACE; outfit by : Jacket-LostAngel; Jeans : MUISM;  Skin by: DAMIANI]

[Dormeuse GossipGirl]

5 poses with menu/ adjustable – Magazines [mod]- accessories – texture changing pillows. This is for you GossipGirls out there!

[credits =  outfit by : Kyoot Army ; glasses by : CAKE; Shoes by : STILETTO M;  Hair by : Kyoot Army; Skin by Damiani]

See all the pics here :

[ Pouffs Serie] – Multiposes available in the Modern Furniture – White Room

[The Modeling Puff]

Simple but very stylish this prop includes 10 female very plastic model poses! great for your promo shots : Shoes, hair,clothes, skins…

Included in the pack : 5 colors [mod] white, red, black, grey, purple.

[credits: hair by : DIVERSITY HAIR ; Shirt by: LUCK Inc; Socks by : REFUGE; Shoes by: JC SHOES; Belt by : LELUTKA; Skin by : LAQ]

[Fashion puffs] Cute and very photographic props! each one includes 3 poses adjustable, and can be purchased separately or in a pack.

[credits : oufit by BIJOU; socks by REFUGE; Shoes by : STILETTO M; Skin by LAQ; Hair by : DIVERSITY HAIR]

Available in SILVER, GOLD and now also in PINK, but only at the Fashion Expo and only from June 8 – June 14!

[credits: Hair by MAITREYA; shoes by Stiletto Moody; Bikini by : LOSTANGEL]


LostAngel Ind. has been invited to Fashion Expo 2009, and has a stand in SIM 3, Rhodium /169/48/51. There you will find our RFL vendors with a selection of the best Group Poses and the new Puff in limited edition! All the revenues goes to RFL, so pay a visit at Fashion Expo if you didn’t already!

[Other Props] available in the Glow Room:

[Model in a Box] Take a Model , place her in a box, chose your pose and your background and… be creative!

Pic Courtesy by Taylor Flanagan!

[Model in a TV] Who never dreamed to be on TV? this is fun! cheek it out in the Glow Room !

Pic Courtesy by Taylor Flanagan!

[The GIFTS]  Don’t forget that the new store is full of unique gifts,  one in almost every room. Search for LA shopping bags all around!

[LA] Industries – Modeling Poses

11 Jun

The Modeling Poses Collections available in LostAngel , Green (main) Room.

1. Sweet Seduction Female / 10 modeling poses collection/ sexy & stylish

2. Oh La La/ Sugababe Female / 10 modeling poses collection/ sweet & girlish

3. Spring Fever Female / 10 modeling poses collection/ sexy & feminine

4. The Fashion Boy – Male/ 10 modeling poses collection/ Stylish & Glam

5. The Divafemale/ 10 modeling poses collection/ Absolute Diva Attitude

6. Rock and Republic/ Just Dance- female/ 10 modeling poses collection/ Attitude & Dance

[more coming soon]


#1 Hair by: SLINK & Maitreya; Outfit by: X&M Design; Shoes by: Stiletto Moody; Skin by: LAQ: Accessories by : Fabulous

#2 Hair by: TRUTH; Outfit by: [Col] ; Shoes by: SLINK; Skin by: LAQ

#3 Hair by : DERNIER CRY; Outfit by : -SG-; Shoes by : Stiletto Moody; Skin by: LAQ.

#4 Hair and outfit by: LAQ; Skin by: Damiani

#5 Hair by : TRUTH; Outfit and purse by: LELUTKA; Shoes by: Stiletto Moody: Sunglasses by:ND; Skin by : LAQ

#6 Hair by : TRUTH; Oufit – jacket by [MST], skirt by : Sweetest Goodbye; Shoes by : Stiletto Moody; Headphones by : [LA]; Skin by: LAQ