[LA] Modern Furniture and Props

11 Jun

Modern Furniture Overview : the Dormeuses Serie , available in the Modern Furniture Room ( White Room)

White Room – Courtesy of Taylor Flanagan

[Dormeuse Serie ] includes 5 Modern themed furniture Multiposes: all the pics are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/engiecortes/sets/72157617903645503/

[Dormeuse DEEJAY]

5 poses with menu/ adjustable – headphones – accessories – texture changing cushion. Rock and Glam!

[credits : oufit by BIJOU; socks by REFUGE; Shoes by : STILETTO M; Skin by LAQ]


5 poses with menu/ adjustable – Shopping bags [mod]- accessories – texture changing pillows. For the real fashionista!

[credits =  swimwear by : ARMIDI; Sunglasses by : VW; Shoes by : STILETTO M;  Hair by : LELUTKA; Skin by LAQ]

[Dormeuse ROMANCE]

4 couple poses with menu/ adjustable – accessories – texture changing pillows. Amazing romantic couple poses!

[credits = [f]  swimwear by : ARMIDI;  Shoes by : JC Shoes;  Hair by : LAQ; Skin by LAQ; [m] outfit by : GRAVES; Hair by : ABYSS; Skin by: DAMIANI]

[Dormeuse [LA]-Z Boy

5 male poses with menu/ adjustable – one LA Beer – texture changing pillows. Watching the match on Tv. having a beer.. this is for you guys!

[credits =   Hair by : ARGRACE; outfit by : Jacket-LostAngel; Jeans : MUISM;  Skin by: DAMIANI]

[Dormeuse GossipGirl]

5 poses with menu/ adjustable – Magazines [mod]- accessories – texture changing pillows. This is for you GossipGirls out there!

[credits =  outfit by : Kyoot Army ; glasses by : CAKE; Shoes by : STILETTO M;  Hair by : Kyoot Army; Skin by Damiani]

See all the pics here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/engiecortes/sets/72157617903645503/

[ Pouffs Serie] – Multiposes available in the Modern Furniture – White Room

[The Modeling Puff]

Simple but very stylish this prop includes 10 female very plastic model poses! great for your promo shots : Shoes, hair,clothes, skins…

Included in the pack : 5 colors [mod] white, red, black, grey, purple.

[credits: hair by : DIVERSITY HAIR ; Shirt by: LUCK Inc; Socks by : REFUGE; Shoes by: JC SHOES; Belt by : LELUTKA; Skin by : LAQ]

[Fashion puffs] Cute and very photographic props! each one includes 3 poses adjustable, and can be purchased separately or in a pack.

[credits : oufit by BIJOU; socks by REFUGE; Shoes by : STILETTO M; Skin by LAQ; Hair by : DIVERSITY HAIR]

Available in SILVER, GOLD and now also in PINK, but only at the Fashion Expo and only from June 8 – June 14!

[credits: Hair by MAITREYA; shoes by Stiletto Moody; Bikini by : LOSTANGEL]


LostAngel Ind. has been invited to Fashion Expo 2009, and has a stand in SIM 3, Rhodium /169/48/51. There you will find our RFL vendors with a selection of the best Group Poses and the new Puff in limited edition! All the revenues goes to RFL, so pay a visit at Fashion Expo if you didn’t already!

[Other Props] available in the Glow Room:

[Model in a Box] Take a Model , place her in a box, chose your pose and your background and… be creative!

Pic Courtesy by Taylor Flanagan!

[Model in a TV] Who never dreamed to be on TV? this is fun! cheek it out in the Glow Room !

Pic Courtesy by Taylor Flanagan!

[The GIFTS]  Don’t forget that the new store is full of unique gifts,  one in almost every room. Search for LA shopping bags all around!

5 Responses to “[LA] Modern Furniture and Props”

  1. ~Zsu~ June 13, 2009 at 6:42 am #

    Awesome designs, am on my way to get some!

    Also I was lookin for the hot shoes that are listed by JC Shoes, however that doesn’t come up in search in SL, do you happen to have a landmark or the creators name?

    Great work on the furniture and pose items!!!

    • angiecortes June 14, 2009 at 1:16 am #

      Thank you sooo much!!!
      Shoes are from JIMMY CHAU and you can find it at TULI sim! Thanks again!!!:)

  2. pergola October 6, 2009 at 9:58 am #

    Wowee! Thank you Lost Angel for such fabulously creative graphics. Your series “Modern Furniture and Props” takes stylized visions to a whole new dimension.

    These artworks would look awesome in a modern media room, bedroom or even a covered pergola area where visitors would undoubtedly find them a great topic for conversation!

  3. angiecortes July 15, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    Thank you, pergola!!


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