[LA] AVENUE LostAngeL Supplement

23 Jun

… is out! and it’s smoking hot!

AVENUE – The Ultimate Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine in Second Life. This sizzling issue displays LostAngeL Industries’ latest offerings and an exclusive interview with owner and creator Evangeline Cortes.

Cover By: Absinthe Primrose

>>>>>> See the Issue >>>>>

Photography By: Divine Tokyoska

Avenue Models: Iustinian Tomsen, Sapphire Coakes, Sally Yachvili, Tempest Rosca

Interview by: Vixie Rayne
Photographed by: Temperance Moonites

Produced by: Avenue magazine
[Cover Credits]

Evangeline Cortes is wearing:
Male Shirt, Skin and Hair  from LAQROKI;
Stockings by: ARTILLERI;
Boots by: BAX COHEN
Cigarette by : ANIMAH


Ok, i’ll start with Absinthe Primrose the amazing talented woman that created this cover image. All the honors to her, all i did was bringing the pose and driving her mad changing my hair, and she did this masterpiece of hotness! Thank you, you are precious, you know that already!

If you are stunned by the cover , open the publication and you’ll be even more stunned!  … Divine Tokyoska did the shoots  for the spreads inside.. all i can say is that i’m amazed by her talent and use of colors, thanks for accepting to do this!

Last but not least, the amazing Avenue staff that realized this, thanks so much, i love you!

See the issue here

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