[LA] LOSTANGEL: Introducing The Seven Elements “Wind” and “Structures” multiposes

21 May


Debut of the serie of minimal props multiposes with editorial poses showcasing shoes, clothes, hair, jewelry.

Structures  showcasing “Shoes” has been released with 8 female poses and accessories (shopping bags and boxes)

Copy and Mod.

Structures- Shoes vendor



>>The Seven Elements Collection: W I N D

The 4th of the Seven Elements has been released: is Wind (Air).

Pose in a stormy cloud prop with lightnings and 10 evocative windy poses options.

Feel the power of wind….

Accessories included. Copy and Mod.



  • Bloggers and VIP Groups are now open. All the info about are here (blogger’s) and here (vip’s)
  • Spring Collection is now available at LostAngel Ind. in a cozy, romantic woody place. L A N D M A R K 
  • A new Terminal system has been placed at the sim, to help you to explore and find what you need.
  •  Gates and mysterious doors that link every part of the sim has been placed to make your shopping experience unique and funny.
  • Is good to get lost in LostAngel! But if you are in a hurry the Teleport system, located in every room will help you to reach immediately what you need.
  • The Latest Releases Room is the place to find all the recent releases, and their landmarks. L A N D M A R K
  • New website style! L I N K 

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