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LOSTANGEL was founded in 2007 by Evangeline Cortes (posemaker and photographer) and Pier Tempel (photographer, builder, scripter).

Starting as photographers the poses production was focused on photography needs: modelling poses, couple poses, group poses, and scripted multiposes props.
Between them, the popular Boudoir serie, that became quickly a must have for every SL photographer.

Other original creations from the first LOSTANGEL are the famous Poseframes and the special poses themed collection “Seven Deadly Sins”.

The LOSTANGEL Poses store was located in the urban themed land called LostAngel Sky District, in the land of Jiknyeo.

From May10th LostAngel moved  in its own sim. All the poses collection has been renewed and new cathegories as been introduced. Stay tuned for more news!


As the motto says our mission is  “Encouraging Intimacy across the grid“, but not only.
Every product form LA has a specific target : experienced photographers or beginners, content creators, bloggers, models, Fashion agencies, Land owners ..
Every product form LA has a different scope/specific utilisation: professional photoshots, runaways, blogs entries, vendors pictures, lands and stores displaying and furnishing, magazines features, advertisment, cuddles & romance, family and friends portraits or just for Flickr fun.
Every products from LA has the characteristic of originality, amusing and seductiveness.

LostAngel Industries :

*Modeling Poses *Couple Poses* Group & Friend Poses
*Objects Poses [Props]*Furniture Multiposes * Ao Poses

and also:*Scripted Posestand*Urban Lights * Furniture * Scripted Frames





slurl.com/secondlife/Jiknyeo/98/166/21 (ground)
slurl.com/secondlife/Jiknyeo/113/163/601 (store)


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