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[LA] New Couple Pose “Tied Up”

8 Aug

Grab (literally) your man, and bring him to try this pose!

It’s something special and you’ll love it
It’s “Tied Up” (prim tie included with the pose)


Evangeline is wearing:
Cardigan: short open Cardigan. Laqroki
Shirt: Spanish bull , League
Skirt: Odaku skirt, Dirty Lynx
Hair: Jule, [MS]
Bag: special edition shoulder, +plus
Shoes: Tie Me Up, Stiletto Moody

Pier is wearing:
Pants: *MODERNO: Ecco
Shirt: *MODERNO: Ecco
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers Oslo

[LA] Seven Deadly Sins : the Sloth

8 Aug

Rumors are true, the 5th sin has been revealed!

5.  T h e    S  l  o t  h

Someone called  it the sin of sadness or despair, others portray sloth as being more simply a sin of laziness or indifference, of an unwillingness to act, an unwillingness to care ….

[The poseset includes: the couple pose, M pose animated, the fan, sculpted pillows]

……..only when all Seven Sins will be together, the 8th Sin will reveal itself.

*******The Seven Deadly Sins are available only in the Sky district, in the old hangar building.
You can find them in many ways: following the arrows, direct TPs, search for them in the Search, or follow this coordinates [Jiknyeo 155, 136, 601] **********


Evangeline is wearing:
Outfit : Tenga Dress, Dirty Linx *DL*
Shoes: Victorian Shoes, Dirty Linx *DL*
Socks: Pistashio, Paper Couture
Earrings: Untone
Necklace: Diamond Bee necklace, Paper Couture
Hair: Milla Up Style,  JE*Republic

Pier is wearing:
Outfit: *Solange!* – Peacock Silk 4 Men RUSSET
skin: Abyss
hair: Abyss

[LA] Pinups Cover

9 May

We’re having so much fun doing group poses! This time we’re pleased to announce the PINUPS COVER 3 person pose:

Many thanks to Anessa Stine that hosted us in her super nice “PINUPS NIGHT CLUB & BURLESQUE BAR” and posed with us!!! *hugs nessa*

Want them all? OMG! the “Boudoir Set”

3 May

Think about a fat pack with our BOUDOIR CHAISE with the new BOUDOIR CHAIR, THE BOUDOIR PUFF, the PILLOW and a “BONUS FRAME”… add some discount to save your money and you will get..


The sets include all from our Boudoir collection with over 27 poses, 8 color variations with 4 pieces and a new colour changing frame to fit the color you’re using 🙂

You can come to try it at our place or if you’re lazy or busy you can hop on SLX or ONREZ to get it instatly! 🙂

The “Boudoir Collection” : Chair and Puff

3 May

We’re very pleased to announce two new multiposes that will come together with the pretty famous Boudoir Chaise. We’re talking about the CHAIR and the PUFF!

The new CHAIR features:

– photographic effect (beautiful as a furniture too)
12 poses
– texture and material changing
– menu to set avatar position
– only 6 prims
– its copy

… and the PUFF:

– 4 poses M / F
– texture and material changing
– menu to set avatar position
– only 3 prims
– its copy

You can find and try both of them at our store 🙂

[LA] Cherish Pose

3 May

A new Couple Pose, very sweet and protective and its named “Cherish”:

[LA]: New advertisement

1 May

We’re quite proud to announce our new 2-pages advertisement campaign that you will find during next weeks on most popular SL Magazines across the Grid.

“Encouraging Intimacy Across The Grid” – yes, this is our new motto!

The pose used for the page on the left is also available at our store with the name -guess what- “Cover” 🙂

Introducing “EMO” and “STYLIN'” : More than 35 new poses!

22 Apr

We’re really plased to announce our latest effort: more than 35 new poses with two brand new categories: Stylin‘ and EMO!

To tease you some pics:

… Feelin ‘ Stylish? a bounch of new “Stylish” poses are waiting for you … the new “EMO” poses, to express all your sorrow or loneliness moments…

… and two new couple poses coming soon.. 🙂

Cynthia Ultsch, lostangel of the month!

4 Apr

We’re pleased to announce that Cynthia is our March “LostAngel of the month”.

She won a pose named after her and she will published in the next issue of the SL Illustrated magazine.


This is what Cynthia made with her new pose, named [LA] FUNKY *Female* Cynthia Ultsch. Check her stream on flickr, becouse she’s really good!

[LA]”Dangerous Proximity” and “Now kiss me” couple poses!

3 Apr

Now Kiss Me” and “Dangerous Proximity” are the two new couples poses available at our store.

The “now kiss me” is a lovely couple pose, to be used in romantic moments or in special photosets, while the “dangerous proximity” is a little more “hot” 🙂

Now Kiss Me!