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[LA] The future is looming closer …

4 May

…  …. are you in?
Sunday, May 10th. Powered by Studio Red.

Sponsored by : Avenue Inc
and Graves Leather, Latex and Metal

PR and Promotion: Studio Red and Avenue Inc

More information will be available as event date nears.

Artwork : Evangeline Cortes of LostangeL
Female model: Nerissa Lubitch (wearing skin by Laqroki)
Male model: Evangeline Cortes (wearing skin by Damiani, on Pier Tempel shape, thanks)
Outfits by: Graves Leather, Latex and Metal
Logo and Typography: by Absinthe Primrose

here we go!!

[LA] the countdown has OFFICIALLY started!

27 Apr

[Sim Opening – ALL New Products – 8 hours non stop music Event]

Image by : Evangeline Cortes, LostAngeL

Graphics and Logo by Absinthe Primrose (Studio Red)

Outfit by: Graves

Powered by : Studio Red

….Here we go!!!

[LA] The Seven Deadly Sins

28 Jul

We were angels, but we have fallen from grace
we are sinners and we are lost now.
who are you to judge me?
I know you are guilty like me…
and now tell me

…. what is your sin?

Introducing the “S e v e n D e a d l y S i n s “, a set of Special Poses representing the Seven Capital Vices who made the angels fall from heaven.

Today the first two sins has been revealed.
when all Seven Sins will be together, the 8th Sin will reveal itself.

1. T h e P r i d e

Pride is also known as Vanity and is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, excessive belief in one’s own abilities, is was what caused Lucifer’s fall from Heaven.

[3 prims pose, mirror included]

2. T h e E n v y

Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire for others’ traits, status, ability money or love.
Those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it.

The Seven Deadly Sins are available only in the Sky district, in the old hangar building that you can reach in many ways:following the arrows, direct TPs, search for it in the Search [keywords “Lostangel” or “Seven Deadly Sins”]

See you in heaven, or hell!



Evangeline is wearing:
Underwear::: B@R::Bare Rose
hair: Aden

Evangeline’s image is wearing:
dress: ViCi, Victoria McMillan
Scepter,necklace,bracelets and earrings set: Alienbear
Crown: ::B@R Barerose
Gloves: Mimikri
Hair: BP

Curtains: +plus

[Envy, closeup]

Evangeline is wearing:
Earrings: Untone
Snake: Zooby
Top: Bijou

[Envy, couple]

Evangeline brunette is wearing:
Hair: MMS (base,+ Ps brushes)
Bracelet: VG
Bathsuit: Blaze
Shoes: Stiletto Moody pumps

Evangeline, blonde is wearing:
Hair: Aden
Necklace: +plus
Bathsuit: Blaze
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Gladiator boots

[LA] New LostAngel Store @ Plush Pod Furniture!

19 May

Yay! For the first time LostAngel landed! We opened a shop in the Shark Island, realm of Plush Pod Furniture, one of the most amazing furniture shops in all SL.

Lostangel @ Sharks Island

Many many thanks to Jenny Minogue and her hubby, Kain Turner, that invited and hosted us: you rock guys!!!

Cynthia Ultsch, lostangel of the month!

4 Apr

We’re pleased to announce that Cynthia is our March “LostAngel of the month”.

She won a pose named after her and she will published in the next issue of the SL Illustrated magazine.


This is what Cynthia made with her new pose, named [LA] FUNKY *Female* Cynthia Ultsch. Check her stream on flickr, becouse she’s really good!

LostAngel’s Exibition “Guns and Wings”

3 Mar

Lorella Shilova and Emiliano Barbosa kindly invited us to show our works in their land, Salerno.

On the seafront we laid out an exhibition that will be available to visitors during this week

LA- Exibition in salerno

Will also be possible to try and buy some of our poses, scripted and decorative frames, and industrial lights to be used for frames and urban settings.

Inauguration date is Feb 1, 1PM SLT
see also:

Salerno Land, SLUR

—–> Watch the video!

Gunz & Wingz


Some Exhib Pics:

snapshot_525.jpgsnapshot_520.jpg snapshot_524.jpgsnapshot_527.jpg2246907659_7f562f019d1.jpg3 snapshot_515.jpg1snapshot_533.jpg