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[LA] Avenue Magazine August: LostAngel Industries

24 Aug

After the special issue of June, this month LostAngel Industries made the cover of Avenue Magazine 🙂

See the : Issue

Evangeline Cortes/pose by LostAngel
Photographer: the amazing Absinthe Primrose
Outfit: VASSNIA by VNP Ninetails
Thank you to all the Avenue Staff ❤

Avenue Blog

[LA] AVENUE LostAngeL Supplement

23 Jun

… is out! and it’s smoking hot!

AVENUE – The Ultimate Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine in Second Life. This sizzling issue displays LostAngeL Industries’ latest offerings and an exclusive interview with owner and creator Evangeline Cortes.

Cover By: Absinthe Primrose

>>>>>> See the Issue >>>>>

Photography By: Divine Tokyoska

Avenue Models: Iustinian Tomsen, Sapphire Coakes, Sally Yachvili, Tempest Rosca

Interview by: Vixie Rayne
Photographed by: Temperance Moonites

Produced by: Avenue magazine
[Cover Credits]

Evangeline Cortes is wearing:
Male Shirt, Skin and Hair  from LAQROKI;
Stockings by: ARTILLERI;
Boots by: BAX COHEN
Cigarette by : ANIMAH


Ok, i’ll start with Absinthe Primrose the amazing talented woman that created this cover image. All the honors to her, all i did was bringing the pose and driving her mad changing my hair, and she did this masterpiece of hotness! Thank you, you are precious, you know that already!

If you are stunned by the cover , open the publication and you’ll be even more stunned!  … Divine Tokyoska did the shoots  for the spreads inside.. all i can say is that i’m amazed by her talent and use of colors, thanks for accepting to do this!

Last but not least, the amazing Avenue staff that realized this, thanks so much, i love you!

See the issue here

[LA] Are you ready?!?!

10 May

Top: Invite by Absinthe Primrose

Bottom: Telport Pod Invite by event sponsor Jackie Graves of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal

(thanks Jackie!!) with slight modifications by Absinthe Primrose…invite going out tonight!

~~~~~~~~~ LostAngel Industries – Captain’s Log ~~~~~~~~

10 May 2009 – At first it seemed impossible to build where once nothing stood.

Reports are now in that the station is at last complete, able to sustain life, and a portal to the underworld has been established (provided safety masks are worn).

Our first guests are expected soon and we will find out how successful we are at reestablishing life in this new beginning.

Mission guidelines have been set for our guests, should they follow them, all should go well.

We’ve prepared a map but survivial is up to them.

~~~~~~~~~ MISSION DETAILS ~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dress Code: Cyber Glam

More than $50k in gifts and prizes to be distributed

10AM to 2PM
DJ Summer Deadlight
Main Roon

12PM to 2PM
DJ Mace Runo

2PM to 4PM
DJ Azu Catteneo
White Room

4PM to 6PM
DJ Kromus Korobase
Glow Room

Access to Event Closed until May 10th @ 10am. Will post again tomorrow with LM!

It’s a New Age … Are You In?

Sim Build by Evangeline Cortes 
Hosted by LostAngel Industries
Powered by Studio Red
Sponsored by Graves – Leather. Latex. Metal.
PR by Avenue

[LA] The future is looming closer …

4 May

…  …. are you in?
Sunday, May 10th. Powered by Studio Red.

Sponsored by : Avenue Inc
and Graves Leather, Latex and Metal

PR and Promotion: Studio Red and Avenue Inc

More information will be available as event date nears.

Artwork : Evangeline Cortes of LostangeL
Female model: Nerissa Lubitch (wearing skin by Laqroki)
Male model: Evangeline Cortes (wearing skin by Damiani, on Pier Tempel shape, thanks)
Outfits by: Graves Leather, Latex and Metal
Logo and Typography: by Absinthe Primrose

here we go!!

[LA] on DejaVu International – August

8 Jul

Just a taste of the workof two amazing photographers, to show what they did using [LA] Poses and their amazing talent in the last issue of DejaVu magazine [ online here ]

Pictures by Kikunosuke Eel and Cicciuzzo Gausman

[LA] LostAngel on Deja Vu International

9 May

We are really proud to be featured in the last issue of Deja’ Vu International magazine!

We really would like to thank Cicciuzzo Gausman for this,
and for the gorgeous images he realized for us.

It’s also a great pleasure to see our poses used by such talented photographers .. i’m really shocked by the high quality of some photoshots in this issue!

See the features that Cicciuzzo Gausman realized for his musa Digit Darkes, and for Shai Delacroix, and the amazing work of Kikunosuke Eel

[LA]: New advertisement

1 May

We’re quite proud to announce our new 2-pages advertisement campaign that you will find during next weeks on most popular SL Magazines across the Grid.

“Encouraging Intimacy Across The Grid” – yes, this is our new motto!

The pose used for the page on the left is also available at our store with the name -guess what- “Cover” 🙂

Pier & Angie for SL Illustrated

3 Mar

Sl illustrated Magazine - Jan issue

wooa! the january issue of SL Illustrated Magazine is out!

In this issue We worked on two features: mine was “Runway” that presents the creations of the designers of Victoria V Fashion, and Pier’s was “Walking on the Rainbow“, colorful and dreamy images from the fairy world.


Runway feature

We’re pleased to see that they also published an interview with us (WOOOA!!): “The lostAngels that found each others

cover-interview.jpgThe overall organization of the magazine was very professional and it was fun working with them. We would like to thank Dadaist, the editor, Madison that coordinated the models, Ted and Ariel that suggested me for this work and Gingers Milosz also, because one day she saw me playing with my photosphere and…i started “my profession” since then.


If you want to get a copy of the magazine you can find a SLI kiosk at our gallery!

See also