[LA] Winter Collection 2011

29 Nov

LostAngel Ind. is proud to welcome you to the Winter Village!

a cozy little corner where you can find the biggest collection of Winter/Christmas themed multiposes!

Let me introduce you:

“Waiting for Christmas” Dreamy and Sweet little prop with 5 solo poses – texture changing windows and background.
All copy-mod and adjustable via menu.

” A Christmas Romance” – Romantic carousel with 10 female solo poses and 2 bonus couple poses! A lovely prop, perfect for you winter garden too.

Inside the pack:
– Winter Carousel horse (25 prims) – touch the prop to start the multipose
– Winter Carousel stage- optional (137 prims)

All copy and Mod

Romantic prop with 3 cuddling couple poses – texture changing

[LA] THE FIREPLACE – Multipose with props
Funny multipose with props – it will rezz 6 solo poses and props (little chalkboards with Christmas wishes).
All copy and Mod and adjustable

[LA] THE WINTER BENCH – Prop with Friends Pose (menu commanded)
“Friendship is like a Christmas tree, decorated with warm memories and shared joys”
The Winter bench is a prop with a group pose inside, up to 5 avatars!


and also:
[LA] THE VINTAGE COUCH with solo and couple poses – Special Winter Edition

( part of Allure Retro’ Collection)
The White Chaise includes 10 female sensual poses
The Red one includes 5 passionate couple poses

In the Special version you will get accessories and christmas decorations!

Regular versions are available only at Vintage Fair http://slurl.com/secondlife/Retro/111/73/21/

[LA] THE WINTER SWING – ICE CUBE – FROZEN HEART (part of Seven Elements – Earth Collection)

– Ice Cube- 5 frozen glam poses with small ice cubes to wear (all copy/mod)
– The Frozen Heart ( Dollarbie for you!) all copy/mod
– The Swing with 10 female cozy /cute poses, they comes in 4 different versions, seasons themed. (all copy/mod).

[LA] T H E   W I N T E R  F A T P A C K – IS  AT – 50%!!
Buying the Winter Fatpack you will get everything for sale in the Village, with a bonus “Winter Wonderland Big Poseframe”, saving -50%!
This Poseframe has a lot of funny options: glow, changing backgrounds, effects…5 poses included – BONUS!



Stay tuned

Enjoy the Christmas time!

LostAngel Industries

[LA] Halloween Collection 2011!

11 Oct

Enjoy the Halloween Atmosphere in advance
with the new release of the Halloween Collection 2011!

“Mr Bones,You Tease Me!”

Will you let him seduce you?

Let’s have fun with this playful crazy-romantic multipose with props!
With high quality poses it’s great for funny pics, but also for halloween themed modeling photoshots and ads.

☠ Playful crazy-romantic multipose with props!
☠ 8 high quality couple /modeling poses: great for funny pics, but also for halloween themed modeling photoshots and ads.
☠ And it’s out at a WOW Promo Price!
☠ Accept Mr. Bones’ invite to dance with him to start the multipose!
☠ Copy and Mod
☠ Low prims version included (4 prims)
Full version multipose starter is above 50 prims (multipose starter is just decorative,
you can make it work from low prim version too,
that is only 4 prims).
Props rezzed are 20 prims only!

The VooDoo Doll!

Torture him with style!

☠ Amusing multipose with props (voodoo doll, needles, fire)
☠ 5 female voodoo poses
☠ And it’s out at a WOW Promo Price!
☠ Touch the doll to start torturing him! You can add his pictures to make it more realistic 🙂
☠ Copy and Mod
☠ 10 prims

The items are available inworld,
(or Chose “Halloween” Room at the teleport)

Halloween Poses Pack

Dollarbie gift @Marketplace!
5 Halloween themed poses (unisex), copy and mod

[LA] Tragic Love – Special Couple Poses Collection

18 Jul

Introducing TRAGIC LOVE  A special collection of intense and passionate couple poses, inspired by the most tragic love stories of literature and cinema.

Othello and Desdemona

Romeo and Juliet

Tristan and isolde


out now at the [NEW] LostAngel Industries

SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel/98/24/29/

[LA] The Seven Elements : E A R T H

22 Jun


Sense the Elements… Live the Seasons… Love “Earth” 

the cutest props collection at LostAngel has arrived!

Another element has been released, it’s  Earth.

In this magical collection a lot of props nature-seasons themed,

perfect for posing and landscaping!

Four “swings” one for each season with 10 female solo poses,

the “trunks” with 15 female poses,

the magic “mushrooms” to play with ivy, butterflies and poses,

the “ice sculptures” like the fashion “ice cube

and the “frozen heartthe dollarbie gift for you,

and for the first time clothes and accessories!

“E A R T H”   is here!

A magical collection… Be at one with Nature, only at LostAngel


T h e  S w i n g s

With 10 female cozy /cute poses, they comes in 4 different versions, seasons themed.
(all copy/mod)
A Fatpack is available too

(see them on website) http://tinyurl.com/theswings

The Mushrooms!

Touch the mushrooms and wrap yourself in ivy and surround yourself with butterflies!
(5 poses and props -copy mod)


The Trunks

Cute prop with fashion poses, that can be combined to create couple or even group poses
(10 poses in the big trunk, 5 in the small- all copy /mod)

The Ice Sculptures

5 frozen glam poses with small ice cubes to wear (all copy/mod)

The Frozen Heart ( Dollarbie for you!)

Couple Pose (copy/mod)

Earth: The Outfits!

For the first time, coordinated outfits comes with the poses collection



If you want to stay updated real time with all the incoming releases:http://www.facebook.com/lostangel.industries.page

8 Jun


The next element to be released for the serie “The Seven Elements” will be “Earth“.  In this collection there will be a lot of props nature-seasons themed, perfect for posing and landscaping.  Four “swings” one for each season with 10 female solo poses, the “trunks” with male and female poses, the magic “mushrooms” with props and poses, the “ice sculptures” with female and couple poses and as usual a dollarbie gift. But not only: for the first time for every season outfits and accessories!

More info and preview images soon on the website Stay tuned 🙂

Release date: mid June

Ps. My facebook account has gone, thank you FB:( http://www.mondivirtuali.it/portal/en/content/zuckerberg-hunting-avatars For all my ex almost-2k FB contacts please like the LostAngel Page on Facebook, you can still find me there!


[LA] LostAngel Ind. “Wind of Desire”

12 Apr

Introducing “Wind of Desire
first release of  “Sensual Nights
a 1001 Nights inspired collection that will include sensual props,
furniture multiposes and couple poses.

Posing with a  gentle, sensuous breeze that caressed your body….
touch the amphore and this multipose will rezz poses and props (texture changing veils)

* 10 female poses and props – menu commanded – copy and mod

more info on: http://www.lostangel-industries.com
come and try it, you will love it!

W I N D   O F   D E S I R E

[LA] Futuristic Chair Multipose

24 Mar

Finally a new release! Introducing …


It’s a shiny low prims multipose with 12 female posh poses inside.
Great for promo shots. With 5 colors included. All copy/mod and menu’ commanded.

At a promo price for this week!

More info, pics, landmarks, and NEWS on the new website : http://www.lostangel-industries.com