Q: Where i can find the products i’m searching for?
A: The place is huge, but easy to visit : In every room there is a Teleport Station.
How does it works? Click on it, chose your destination, sit on the ray beam.
Every destination is in a specific Gate that features a specific class of products. Chose your destination between:

  • Modeling and Editorial Poses (Gate 3)
  • Couple Poses , Romance and Valentine props (Gate 6)
  • Classic Multiposes, Allure Retro‘ Collection, Vintage props (Gate 4)
  • Modern and Futuristic Multiposes and Furniture (Gate 2)
  • Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Elements, Conceptual Collections (Gate 7)
  • Seasonal Collections (Winter, Spring, Fall and Halloween) (Gate 5)
  • SERVICE ROOM – Storecards, Redelivery and Info (Gate 1)
  • HOME ( Landing Point)

Q: I’ve bought an item but not received. What i can do?

A: First, please wait up to 15 mins. You will receive your product in 90% of cases.

If SL is slow this waiting time is normal. Don’t bought duplicates, please.

After 15 mins, In a (rare) case your item is still in delivery pending, please use the Redelivery System
How does it works?
Just click the terminal and it will guide you into the redelivery procedure. It will retrieve all your purchases
and will send you back a copy.

Q: Where is the Redelivery System?
A: In every room.

Q: The Redelivery System doesn’t retrieve my purchases. What i can do?
A: Just in this rare event you still not have received your goods and the Redelivery Service didn’t helped you , please send an email (evangeline@lostangel-sl.com)
with all the purchases info to Evangeline Cortes. You will receive your products as soon as possible by the website.

Q: Is it possible to change permissions on items?
A: Not at all. Sorry, no exceptions. Permissions are final. Almost all the poses are MOD/COPY so you can Modify, Adjust, Copy them ( and SL wont eat them), you can have copies from Redelivery System, and you can use them in many Photostudios like Photolife.

Q: I need to make a gift for someone? But poses are no transfer.
A: A Storecard system (Giftcards) is up and running. Where you can find them? Chose the TP for “Service Room”. Storecards are available from a value to 500L$ to 10.000L$.

Q: I can’t use the teleport station. i don’t see the glow beam.

A: It probably depends to your graphic settings. In the Infocenter Area you can receive a notecard with all the direct landmarks.

Q: Can i buy directly from the posemaker?
A: No way. No sales from Inventory for no reason. All the purchases must be on records. Thanks for understanding this.

Q: Am i banned from LostAngel?
A: If so there is no chance you can be unbanned. What happened? The most probable thing is that you ignored the NO PICTURES on poses warning. Taking Pictures in a poses store can be considered theft and is, therefore, strictly forbidden.

If you need to take pics for a review please contact us before. Thanks for understanding this.

Q: I’d love to work for LostAngel.
A: Cool we are considering job requests for the position of CSR (Customer Service Representative) and RP (Public Relations).
For every position is required: experience, care, commitment, English language, knowledge of the Poses market, knowledge of the media, magazines, sites, social networks.
Contact Evangeline Cortes if you are interested!

Q: I can’t contact the LostAngel Staff, they doesn’t answer.
A: The workers staff is online 24/24 mostly for Security reasons,
so probably they are Away from Keyboard or Busy. Please send an IM (no public chat) to them,
they will get back to you as soon as possible. If they are unavailable they will answer with an automatic message.

Q: I would like to have info about outfits, skins and accessories i see pictured in vendors images.
A: Please take a look at the blog before contacting the owner, there you can find all the pictures with credits. Thank you!

Q: I’d love to have a custom pose made by LostAngel

Usually we don’t accept custom works requests.

Our productive activity is already scheduled :  it would became impossible to honor requests and times.

However, if you already have a concept, idea, or a picture of a pose that you would love to see realized, you can submit it to us.

If we decide that pose could fit with our production you will be informed and you will receive your copy free of charge once realized (and you will be credited for the idea).

Please send such requests to info@lostangel-sl.com

Q: I’d love to have an overview of all the poses for sale. Where i can see them?

A: Here in the blog or take a look here for all the poses for sale at the LostAngel Sim, and here for most of the poses available at the LostAngel Sky District

Q: Will you be interested in renting spaces?
A: In 90% of cases no, thank you. I’ll consider to have a satellite store in your sim ONLY if the location is really important, representative,
with high traffic and you can offer me an interesting space in prestigious position. Must be a really good deal for both 🙂

Q: The Photostudio services are now available?
A: NO, sorry, due to time constraint the Photostudio is closed for public.

Q: My question is not listed above. Who can i contact?

– Miss Tempest Hennesy (Personal Assistant) for questions concerning: store spaces, hunts, collaborations, blog reviews, collaborations, sponsorships, magazines and blogs ads.

Evangeline Cortes (Owner) for other specific enquiries, related to production and customer service.

– The LostAngel Project Manager that contacted you about a specific project.

Thanks for your attention,

Evangeline Cortes



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