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[LA] Winter Collection 2011

29 Nov

LostAngel Ind. is proud to welcome you to the Winter Village!

a cozy little corner where you can find the biggest collection of Winter/Christmas themed multiposes!

Let me introduce you:

“Waiting for Christmas” Dreamy and Sweet little prop with 5 solo poses – texture changing windows and background.
All copy-mod and adjustable via menu.

” A Christmas Romance” – Romantic carousel with 10 female solo poses and 2 bonus couple poses! A lovely prop, perfect for you winter garden too.

Inside the pack:
– Winter Carousel horse (25 prims) – touch the prop to start the multipose
– Winter Carousel stage- optional (137 prims)

All copy and Mod

Romantic prop with 3 cuddling couple poses – texture changing

[LA] THE FIREPLACE – Multipose with props
Funny multipose with props – it will rezz 6 solo poses and props (little chalkboards with Christmas wishes).
All copy and Mod and adjustable

[LA] THE WINTER BENCH – Prop with Friends Pose (menu commanded)
“Friendship is like a Christmas tree, decorated with warm memories and shared joys”
The Winter bench is a prop with a group pose inside, up to 5 avatars!


and also:
[LA] THE VINTAGE COUCH with solo and couple poses – Special Winter Edition

( part of Allure Retro’ Collection)
The White Chaise includes 10 female sensual poses
The Red one includes 5 passionate couple poses

In the Special version you will get accessories and christmas decorations!

Regular versions are available only at Vintage Fair http://slurl.com/secondlife/Retro/111/73/21/

[LA] THE WINTER SWING – ICE CUBE – FROZEN HEART (part of Seven Elements – Earth Collection)

– Ice Cube- 5 frozen glam poses with small ice cubes to wear (all copy/mod)
– The Frozen Heart ( Dollarbie for you!) all copy/mod
– The Swing with 10 female cozy /cute poses, they comes in 4 different versions, seasons themed. (all copy/mod).

[LA] T H E   W I N T E R  F A T P A C K – IS  AT – 50%!!
Buying the Winter Fatpack you will get everything for sale in the Village, with a bonus “Winter Wonderland Big Poseframe”, saving -50%!
This Poseframe has a lot of funny options: glow, changing backgrounds, effects…5 poses included – BONUS!



Stay tuned

Enjoy the Christmas time!

LostAngel Industries

[LA] LostAngel Industries UPDATE – New Couple Collection!

26 Feb

Hello LostAngels! I missed you all ..
Finally a new release!  Some stylish couple poses , perfect for magazine ads and glam photo shoots, come check it out!


V A L E N T I N E   S T Y L I S H   Collection

Ok they are called “Valentine” but i wasn’t in the mood for a cuddling-sentimental poses release, so this new collection is not particularly romantic, but it’s for sure very fashionable, and suitable for all the occasions!

The real reason of the choice of this name is to celebrate the Valentine #3 Year Collection release in LostAngel activity.

To celebrate this,  a fatpack is available at a bargain price!

  • NOTE:  new permissions!  [Mod] Yes – [Copy] Yes – [Redelivery Service] -Yes – [Giftcards] – Yes
  • Valentine collections series #1 and #2 are available at LostAngel Sky District
  • #4 is “Cover Me Up” fixed,  now available again for sale

Halloween Madness at LostAngel!

14 Oct

“Darkness falls across the land.  The midnight hour is close at hand….

Get a jump on your halloween with some HOT , new, amazing Halloween releases from LostAngel !

… Halloween Maddness is here!

“Choose your weapon.  Choose your Room and get… nicely slayed! …… It’s to DIE for!”

All operators are busy right now…Please HOLD!”
Scene: Dark alley
Weapon: Knife, on the back
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

“What’s good for dinner? ….. YOU!”
Scene: Kitchen
Weapon: [not identified]
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options/ different SKIN tones available
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

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[LA] Industries – New Couple/Group Poses Collections

27 May

For those who still didn’t know all the new releases, a quick summary of what is new in LostAngeL Industries!

Let’s start with the new Couple and Friend/ Group Poses :

Couple Poses can be found in the Yellow Room (use Tp map at the Infocenter):

Images: Courtesy of Taylor Flanagan ( http://sl-zoom.blogspot.com/)

1. Adoring You- Category Romantic/Drama

Included two versions of the pose ( one is more “dramatic”)


Male : Hair- DJ, LELUTKA; Skin – Neo,DAMIANI; Jacket: Tokyo Intake, AITUI; Jeans: Vintage Jeans rolled UP, MUISM

Female : Hair – Annah, LELUTKA; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Top- Blossom Black, MIMIKRI; Shoes – Black pump, JIMMY CHAU


2. You Are Mine – Category Romantic/Cover with prop

This couple pose has a peculiarity: it’s “double face”. Both male and female are looking at the camera and with the eyes are saying ” he is mine” …”she is mine” …. That’s why i’ve added a mirror to catch both female and male gaze in the pic, and have the cool effect of the reflection.

Mirror is texture-changing , colors are:  gold, gold dark, silver.


Male: Skin- Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female: Body- Black Lace Corset -,POPFUZZ;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI;  Hair -Amber, TRUTH


3. Hot Dance – Category: Action/Passion


Male : Skin-Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female:Skin-Elin, LAQROKI, Shoes- Bare Greta-Stiletto MOODY;Necklace – Illmatic, FABULOUS; Outfit-Dancer Set Silver-KITTIES LAIR; Sunglasses-Fame Shade, (VW)


4. Passionate – Category : Passion


Male: Outfit – MUISM; Hair-Dare, NAUGHTY; Skin -Neo, DAMIANI.

Female: Hair-Tess, LAQROKI; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini : ARMIDI


5. She is My Doll – Category : Romance /Cover


Men : Skin- MINNU ; Hair – Dare, NAUGHTY

Female: Hair- Mirella + Samara chest strands , LELUTKA;  Shoes- Pumps, JIMMY CHAU; Outfit – Darcie Safari, MIMIKRI


6. SShhhh – Category : Romance


Male: Skin and Shape by DAMIANI

Female : Hair – Mica 2008, MAITREYA; Shoes – Bare Vivien, STILETTO MOODY;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI.


7. Summer Love ( GIFT POSE)

This pose is a gift for you. You can find it in the Yellow Room, just click the LA shopping bag and you’ll receive it


Male : Underwear – AITUI;  Skin – Neo, DAMIANI; Hair – DJ, LELUTKA.

Female: Hair- Samara, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chloe, MIMIKRI; Shoes- Pump, JIMMI CHAU; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI.


8. Heaven on Earth – Category: Romance/ Cover


Men: Skin – Neo, DAMIANI

Female : Skin, LAQROKI; Hair – Samara, LELUTKA, Shoes-Shanon Diamond, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chemise Dress teal, SHIT LUCK; Necklace – [ICON]


9. Smooch – Category: Romance/ Cover/ friendship


Female : Hair- Aradia, LELUTKA; Skin – Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini – ARMIDI


Let me now  introduce you the Group / Friends Poses, that you will find in the Orange Room :

1. Top Models Reunion : The Ultimate Fashion Group Pose!

Credits: All the Models are wearing : skins from LAQROKI; Hair from LELUTKA ( except the last one , wearing Sara-ADEN); and outfits by MIMIKRI ( excpet the last one, wearing INTIMIZZIO undies); Shoes are from STILETTO MOODY and JIMMY CHAU.


2. Groovejet #2 – Part#2 of a popular group Pose of past season!This is hot!


3. Angels x 2 – The Girl/Girl attitude pose!


Girl #1 : Hair- Micai, *DH*;  Necklace – REDGRAVE; Top – [LA] Tank – LostAngel Apparels – [free gift in the Green Room]; Bikini – AMIDI; Bracelets- Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS, Skin – LAQROKI.

Girl#2: Hair – Apple, MAITREYA; Top – MIMIKRI; Bracelets – Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS;  Skin – SKYE, DAMIANI.

The GIFT: Also in the Orange room there is a  gift waiting for you! A big Poseframe with two poses included and texture changing frame!


End of part #1, And the Best Has Yet to Come!

[SLUR] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/103/8/30/

[Yellow Room/ Couple Poses] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/85/51/31/

[Orange Room/ Group/ friend Poses] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/85/58/31/

[LA] Seven Deadly Sins – LUST

12 Mar

Dear friends,

As promised the last sin has been released, and all the 7 Deadly Sins are now available again for purchase. Attention: the entire collection of Sins will NOT be available for purchase in the Sky District , but in the LOSTANGEL sim.

Search for LOSTANGEL in the Classifieds, in places, in my profile, on the map or you will find the direct tp also in the Sky District Poses store.


7.    T H E    L   U    S    T

Lust (or lechery) is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Giving in to lusts can lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and transgressions including sexual addiction, and other perversions.. Lust is “excessive love of others”.

[NEW] Boudoir Chaise Longue, menu driven, that includes:

– 8 Male/Female “Lust” Couple Poses
– 1 Female/Female “Lust” Couple Pose
– 1 Male/Male “Lust” Couple Pose
– 10  textures options / 2 legs options (gold and silver)

Available in two versions: transfer and copy
In both versions positions can be adjusted using friendly menu.
[LA] Lust Chaise Longue is 10 prims only, totally redesigned
perfect for your couple hot photoshots and also very decorative.

Due to huge request, is now available , for the BIG SINNERS the Seven Deadly Sins FATPACK. (LUST sin will be included in its transfer version)
… You can consider this as the 8th sin 😛

….Thank you very much  for your interest in this Seven Deadly Sins collection, and sorry for the delay

and also…welcome to LOSTANGEL sim only the Seven Deadly Sins stand will be open for the  public, the rest of the sim is still “work in progress”
…. so if you see prims in the air, it’s all ok

See you in heaven, or hell 🙂

[LA] Valentine Pack ’09

10 Feb

Valentine Pack is now available at LostAngel Sky District!

Valentine Pack ’09 includes:

  • 4 Couple Poses : Classic, very photographic, absolutely romantic.
  • 1 Couple Pose with an heart prop ( beating at touch )
  • Available separately or in a fatpack (-20% discount, one free)

Valentine #1:

(thanks to:  Mr Cheyn Lane for modelling with me)


(thanks to:  Mr David Dinzel for modelling with me)


(Thanks to: Miss Digit Darkes and Mr Cicciuzzo Gausman for modeling for me)


(Thanks to: Miss Pompeja Rossini and Mr Kaoz Koba from Damiani for modeling for me)

Valentine#5 – touch the heart!

Heart Prop included, it starts to beat if touched!

(no LA big logo on the heart, just for this pic)

Thanks to my sun, Pier Tempel!

  • Buying the Fatpack you will pay for 4 poses, one is free!

Located in > LostAngel Sky District >  Poses Store.

Happy Valentine!<3


Evangeline is wearing: .::Vassnia::. Pie – The Night Dress (no skirt)
Necklace and Earrings: Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: [ND]

Valentine #2
Evangeline is wearing:
Outfit and pants: by Redgrave
Shoes: Pin Up pumps by Stiletto Moody
Necklace and Earrings :  Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: Abyss

Valentine #3:
Digit Darkes is wearing an outfit created by: Digit Darkes

Pompeja Rossini is wearing an outfit created by: Pompeja Rossini (Pomj)

Valentine #5:
Evangeline is wearing:
Hat and Jacket: Argrace
Hair : Abyss
Jeans: SYD
Shoes: Flat ballerina’s by ETD

psssssst.  Please remember that ” LostAngel”  is ONE word, no spaces, no plural 🙂

[LA] Last Releases

6 Feb

After a minor break from SL ( Dec-Jan)  i’ve released some new stuff, but didn’t update the blog, because i really was overwhelmed!

..it’s time i think to resume all the [LA] Last Releases

True Love – Couple Pose

True Love exists! L´amore vero esiste! Le vrai amour exist! L´amor verdadero esiste!….

The Class (Back To School)! – Set with Props

Set is composed by (available separately or in a fatpack):

# Desk 1: includes 1 desk, 3 poses, books/objects

# Desk 2: includes 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 chalkboard with texture changing, 3 poses, books/objects

– #Desk 3: includes a couple pose, a chair w/ pose

-# Bonus Pose : the “Teacher” available only with the Fatpack

NB: Big Chalkboard not included (available on xstreet sl)

Outfits by : Sweetest Goodbye

Showgirls – Poseset, Group Pose

Set is composed by : 10 female Solo poses (can be purchased  separately or in a fatpack), available also in a Group Pose with photographic set included.

Male Action/Drama Fatpack – Fatpack now available for this category, new poses available.

LostAngel Poses – LostAngel Sky District –  Jiknyeo

[LA] Seven Deadly Sins : the Sloth

8 Aug

Rumors are true, the 5th sin has been revealed!

5.  T h e    S  l  o t  h

Someone called  it the sin of sadness or despair, others portray sloth as being more simply a sin of laziness or indifference, of an unwillingness to act, an unwillingness to care ….

[The poseset includes: the couple pose, M pose animated, the fan, sculpted pillows]

……..only when all Seven Sins will be together, the 8th Sin will reveal itself.

*******The Seven Deadly Sins are available only in the Sky district, in the old hangar building.
You can find them in many ways: following the arrows, direct TPs, search for them in the Search, or follow this coordinates [Jiknyeo 155, 136, 601] **********


Evangeline is wearing:
Outfit : Tenga Dress, Dirty Linx *DL*
Shoes: Victorian Shoes, Dirty Linx *DL*
Socks: Pistashio, Paper Couture
Earrings: Untone
Necklace: Diamond Bee necklace, Paper Couture
Hair: Milla Up Style,  JE*Republic

Pier is wearing:
Outfit: *Solange!* – Peacock Silk 4 Men RUSSET
skin: Abyss
hair: Abyss

[LA] Seven Deadly Sins : the Wrath

4 Aug

Another sin will be disclosed tonight!

4. T h e   W r a t h

Wrath may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feeling of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest in the desire to seek revenge… The transgressions borne of vengeance are among the most serious… including murder, assault….and heart theft!

[The poseset includes: a couple pose, a sculpted heart and  blood splashes]

……..only when all Seven Sins will be together, the 8th Sin will reveal itself.

*******The Seven Deadly Sins are available only in the Sky district, in the old hangar building.
You can find them in many ways: following the arrows, direct TPs, search for them in the Search, or follow this coordinates [Jiknyeo 155, 136, 601] **********


Evangeline is wearing:

Top: Malena Outfit, Baiastice
Hat: Malena outfit, Baiastice
Collar: Retro Outfit, Baiastice
Socks: Determined Coat socks, Digit Darkes
Hair: Lara, Dernier Cri
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pumps

Pier is wearing:
Pants: *Shai* The Adulterer Pants Pinstriped Black
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers H&H Oxford (BLACK)
Watch: Styles of Edo, Men’s Platinum Watch
skin: MMS
hair: Laqroki

[LA] New Poses: “Devotion” and “Sunny Afternoon”

10 Jul

Two new poses are now available on the Lostangel Stores …

Grab your friends, find a blissful place ..
and then just laze and chill out on this beautiful “Sunny Afternoon” :

I’m talking about a game called love and devotion.. Love and devotion, baby, love and devotion!
you are the sunshine of my life…

We are glad to introduce a very sophisticated pose, called : “Devotion

I want to say thank you to Gracie Roelofs, for the idea and for giving me the chance to realize their dream:) this is for you and Greg!


[Sunny Afternoon]

Pier(a) is wearing:
Gold Outfit: VG Republic
Shirt: Emery
Necklace and Bracelets: VG Republic
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Shoes: Periquita flats brown

Angie is wearing:
Hoodie: VG Republic
Bracelets: VG Republic
Earrings: Untone
Sunglasses: VG Republic
Hair: [MS] Mirai
Shoes: Periquita flats white

thanks to Beatriz Hayes

Angie is wearing:
Dress: Malena, Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa
Gloves: bijou
Necklace: +plus
Hair: bijou
Shoes: Stiletto Moody