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28 Mar

Let me introduce you the new releases from[LA], exclusive for Pose Fair 2013.


“T H E    S C O O T E R S “

Part of the “Spring Collection
conceived for editorial, fashion, and vendors photoshots.
[New for Pose Fair 2013]

S C O O T E R  / B L U Ewith 5 Couple poses girl/boy

S C O O T E R / P I N K  –with  5 Friend poses girl/girl

S C O O T E R / B E I G E 10 female solo poses

To try the multiposes click on them and follow the menu.
Sit on poseballs, accept the animation request and switch off your AO.
All copy mod and adjustable via menu.


T H E  V A U L T

Poseset with 10 female solo poses and 3 Couple Poses.
Deactivate the alarm to reach the Vault, move sexy and sneaky through the laser system alarm!




from Structures Collection Simple by stylish with 10 female poses

All copy mod and adjustable via menu.

[PROMO PRICE -50% ] only for Pose Fair 2013!



– To all the LostAngel Official Bloggers that are in the official Pose Fair bloggers list : Wear your tag and buy the items, you will get a refund of 100%
– To all the LostAngel Official Bloggers that are not in the official Pose Fair bloggers list : please send me an e-mail and i will send you the items to blog.
– To all the Bloggers in the official Pose Fair bloggers list that are not in the LostAngel Bloggers Group,
if you are interest in blogging [LA] products in the future and being part of this group, please read the requirements to apply and send me your blog post about Pose Fair.

I’d be glad to have you in the family!

Happy Pose Fair!

[LA] The Seven Elements : E A R T H

22 Jun


Sense the Elements… Live the Seasons… Love “Earth” 

the cutest props collection at LostAngel has arrived!

Another element has been released, it’s  Earth.

In this magical collection a lot of props nature-seasons themed,

perfect for posing and landscaping!

Four “swings” one for each season with 10 female solo poses,

the “trunks” with 15 female poses,

the magic “mushrooms” to play with ivy, butterflies and poses,

the “ice sculptures” like the fashion “ice cube

and the “frozen heartthe dollarbie gift for you,

and for the first time clothes and accessories!

“E A R T H”   is here!

A magical collection… Be at one with Nature, only at LostAngel


T h e  S w i n g s

With 10 female cozy /cute poses, they comes in 4 different versions, seasons themed.
(all copy/mod)
A Fatpack is available too

(see them on website) http://tinyurl.com/theswings

The Mushrooms!

Touch the mushrooms and wrap yourself in ivy and surround yourself with butterflies!
(5 poses and props -copy mod)


The Trunks

Cute prop with fashion poses, that can be combined to create couple or even group poses
(10 poses in the big trunk, 5 in the small- all copy /mod)

The Ice Sculptures

5 frozen glam poses with small ice cubes to wear (all copy/mod)

The Frozen Heart ( Dollarbie for you!)

Couple Pose (copy/mod)

Earth: The Outfits!

For the first time, coordinated outfits comes with the poses collection



If you want to stay updated real time with all the incoming releases:http://www.facebook.com/lostangel.industries.page

8 Jun


The next element to be released for the serie “The Seven Elements” will be “Earth“.  In this collection there will be a lot of props nature-seasons themed, perfect for posing and landscaping.  Four “swings” one for each season with 10 female solo poses, the “trunks” with male and female poses, the magic “mushrooms” with props and poses, the “ice sculptures” with female and couple poses and as usual a dollarbie gift. But not only: for the first time for every season outfits and accessories!

More info and preview images soon on the website Stay tuned 🙂

Release date: mid June

Ps. My facebook account has gone, thank you FB:( http://www.mondivirtuali.it/portal/en/content/zuckerberg-hunting-avatars For all my ex almost-2k FB contacts please like the LostAngel Page on Facebook, you can still find me there!


[LA] LostAngel Ind. “Wind of Desire”

12 Apr

Introducing “Wind of Desire
first release of  “Sensual Nights
a 1001 Nights inspired collection that will include sensual props,
furniture multiposes and couple poses.

Posing with a  gentle, sensuous breeze that caressed your body….
touch the amphore and this multipose will rezz poses and props (texture changing veils)

* 10 female poses and props – menu commanded – copy and mod

more info on: http://www.lostangel-industries.com
come and try it, you will love it!

W I N D   O F   D E S I R E

[LA] Are you ready?!?!

10 May

Top: Invite by Absinthe Primrose

Bottom: Telport Pod Invite by event sponsor Jackie Graves of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal

(thanks Jackie!!) with slight modifications by Absinthe Primrose…invite going out tonight!

~~~~~~~~~ LostAngel Industries – Captain’s Log ~~~~~~~~

10 May 2009 – At first it seemed impossible to build where once nothing stood.

Reports are now in that the station is at last complete, able to sustain life, and a portal to the underworld has been established (provided safety masks are worn).

Our first guests are expected soon and we will find out how successful we are at reestablishing life in this new beginning.

Mission guidelines have been set for our guests, should they follow them, all should go well.

We’ve prepared a map but survivial is up to them.

~~~~~~~~~ MISSION DETAILS ~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dress Code: Cyber Glam

More than $50k in gifts and prizes to be distributed

10AM to 2PM
DJ Summer Deadlight
Main Roon

12PM to 2PM
DJ Mace Runo

2PM to 4PM
DJ Azu Catteneo
White Room

4PM to 6PM
DJ Kromus Korobase
Glow Room

Access to Event Closed until May 10th @ 10am. Will post again tomorrow with LM!

It’s a New Age … Are You In?

Sim Build by Evangeline Cortes 
Hosted by LostAngel Industries
Powered by Studio Red
Sponsored by Graves – Leather. Latex. Metal.
PR by Avenue

[LA] the countdown has OFFICIALLY started!

27 Apr

[Sim Opening – ALL New Products – 8 hours non stop music Event]

Image by : Evangeline Cortes, LostAngeL

Graphics and Logo by Absinthe Primrose (Studio Red)

Outfit by: Graves

Powered by : Studio Red

….Here we go!!!