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[LA] Industries – New Couple/Group Poses Collections

27 May

For those who still didn’t know all the new releases, a quick summary of what is new in LostAngeL Industries!

Let’s start with the new Couple and Friend/ Group Poses :

Couple Poses can be found in the Yellow Room (use Tp map at the Infocenter):

Images: Courtesy of Taylor Flanagan ( http://sl-zoom.blogspot.com/)

1. Adoring You- Category Romantic/Drama

Included two versions of the pose ( one is more “dramatic”)


Male : Hair- DJ, LELUTKA; Skin – Neo,DAMIANI; Jacket: Tokyo Intake, AITUI; Jeans: Vintage Jeans rolled UP, MUISM

Female : Hair – Annah, LELUTKA; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Top- Blossom Black, MIMIKRI; Shoes – Black pump, JIMMY CHAU


2. You Are Mine – Category Romantic/Cover with prop

This couple pose has a peculiarity: it’s “double face”. Both male and female are looking at the camera and with the eyes are saying ” he is mine” …”she is mine” …. That’s why i’ve added a mirror to catch both female and male gaze in the pic, and have the cool effect of the reflection.

Mirror is texture-changing , colors are:  gold, gold dark, silver.


Male: Skin- Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female: Body- Black Lace Corset -,POPFUZZ;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI;  Hair -Amber, TRUTH


3. Hot Dance – Category: Action/Passion


Male : Skin-Neo, DAMIANI, Shape – DAMIANI

Female:Skin-Elin, LAQROKI, Shoes- Bare Greta-Stiletto MOODY;Necklace – Illmatic, FABULOUS; Outfit-Dancer Set Silver-KITTIES LAIR; Sunglasses-Fame Shade, (VW)


4. Passionate – Category : Passion


Male: Outfit – MUISM; Hair-Dare, NAUGHTY; Skin -Neo, DAMIANI.

Female: Hair-Tess, LAQROKI; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini : ARMIDI


5. She is My Doll – Category : Romance /Cover


Men : Skin- MINNU ; Hair – Dare, NAUGHTY

Female: Hair- Mirella + Samara chest strands , LELUTKA;  Shoes- Pumps, JIMMY CHAU; Outfit – Darcie Safari, MIMIKRI


6. SShhhh – Category : Romance


Male: Skin and Shape by DAMIANI

Female : Hair – Mica 2008, MAITREYA; Shoes – Bare Vivien, STILETTO MOODY;  Skin – Elin, LAQROKI.


7. Summer Love ( GIFT POSE)

This pose is a gift for you. You can find it in the Yellow Room, just click the LA shopping bag and you’ll receive it


Male : Underwear – AITUI;  Skin – Neo, DAMIANI; Hair – DJ, LELUTKA.

Female: Hair- Samara, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chloe, MIMIKRI; Shoes- Pump, JIMMI CHAU; Skin-Kat, LAQROKI.


8. Heaven on Earth – Category: Romance/ Cover


Men: Skin – Neo, DAMIANI

Female : Skin, LAQROKI; Hair – Samara, LELUTKA, Shoes-Shanon Diamond, LELUTKA; Outfit – Chemise Dress teal, SHIT LUCK; Necklace – [ICON]


9. Smooch – Category: Romance/ Cover/ friendship


Female : Hair- Aradia, LELUTKA; Skin – Kat, LAQROKI; Bikini – ARMIDI


Let me now  introduce you the Group / Friends Poses, that you will find in the Orange Room :

1. Top Models Reunion : The Ultimate Fashion Group Pose!

Credits: All the Models are wearing : skins from LAQROKI; Hair from LELUTKA ( except the last one , wearing Sara-ADEN); and outfits by MIMIKRI ( excpet the last one, wearing INTIMIZZIO undies); Shoes are from STILETTO MOODY and JIMMY CHAU.


2. Groovejet #2 – Part#2 of a popular group Pose of past season!This is hot!


3. Angels x 2 – The Girl/Girl attitude pose!


Girl #1 : Hair- Micai, *DH*;  Necklace – REDGRAVE; Top – [LA] Tank – LostAngel Apparels – [free gift in the Green Room]; Bikini – AMIDI; Bracelets- Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS, Skin – LAQROKI.

Girl#2: Hair – Apple, MAITREYA; Top – MIMIKRI; Bracelets – Black Sheep Bangles – FABULOUS;  Skin – SKYE, DAMIANI.

The GIFT: Also in the Orange room there is a  gift waiting for you! A big Poseframe with two poses included and texture changing frame!


End of part #1, And the Best Has Yet to Come!

[SLUR] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/103/8/30/

[Yellow Room/ Couple Poses] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/85/51/31/

[Orange Room/ Group/ friend Poses] http://slurl.com/secondlife/LostAngel%20/85/58/31/

[LA] Last Releases

6 Feb

After a minor break from SL ( Dec-Jan)  i’ve released some new stuff, but didn’t update the blog, because i really was overwhelmed!

..it’s time i think to resume all the [LA] Last Releases

True Love – Couple Pose

True Love exists! L´amore vero esiste! Le vrai amour exist! L´amor verdadero esiste!….

The Class (Back To School)! – Set with Props

Set is composed by (available separately or in a fatpack):

# Desk 1: includes 1 desk, 3 poses, books/objects

# Desk 2: includes 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 chalkboard with texture changing, 3 poses, books/objects

– #Desk 3: includes a couple pose, a chair w/ pose

-# Bonus Pose : the “Teacher” available only with the Fatpack

NB: Big Chalkboard not included (available on xstreet sl)

Outfits by : Sweetest Goodbye

Showgirls – Poseset, Group Pose

Set is composed by : 10 female Solo poses (can be purchased  separately or in a fatpack), available also in a Group Pose with photographic set included.

Male Action/Drama Fatpack – Fatpack now available for this category, new poses available.

LostAngel Poses – LostAngel Sky District –  Jiknyeo

[LA] New Poses: “Devotion” and “Sunny Afternoon”

10 Jul

Two new poses are now available on the Lostangel Stores …

Grab your friends, find a blissful place ..
and then just laze and chill out on this beautiful “Sunny Afternoon” :

I’m talking about a game called love and devotion.. Love and devotion, baby, love and devotion!
you are the sunshine of my life…

We are glad to introduce a very sophisticated pose, called : “Devotion

I want to say thank you to Gracie Roelofs, for the idea and for giving me the chance to realize their dream:) this is for you and Greg!


[Sunny Afternoon]

Pier(a) is wearing:
Gold Outfit: VG Republic
Shirt: Emery
Necklace and Bracelets: VG Republic
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Shoes: Periquita flats brown

Angie is wearing:
Hoodie: VG Republic
Bracelets: VG Republic
Earrings: Untone
Sunglasses: VG Republic
Hair: [MS] Mirai
Shoes: Periquita flats white

thanks to Beatriz Hayes

Angie is wearing:
Dress: Malena, Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa
Gloves: bijou
Necklace: +plus
Hair: bijou
Shoes: Stiletto Moody

[LA] Pinups Cover

9 May

We’re having so much fun doing group poses! This time we’re pleased to announce the PINUPS COVER 3 person pose:

Many thanks to Anessa Stine that hosted us in her super nice “PINUPS NIGHT CLUB & BURLESQUE BAR” and posed with us!!! *hugs nessa*

[LA] New Group Poses!

7 May

This Group Poses have been created for perfect and funky ads/magazines/covers/events pics, or just for fun shots with friends.


Quartet (in Cuba) “

a relaxed and glamour double-couple pose, perfect for event shots, or a travel with friends.

An everyday pose, ready to rezz, that can be used by 2+ avatars.


Absolutely funky, hot and energetic photographic set Pose, ideal for model’s group shots, fashion events… the perfect end-of-the-show runway pose! High-powered. Ready for afterhour party?