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[LA] Halloween (part#2)

14 Oct

T H E    S E A N C E

“Dare you join the Seance?”

The funniest and scariest multipose is here!
Take a sit, if you dare..

Choose a medium, take a sit
summon the spirits, and wait for a response…

– 7 spooky scene (with scary effects)
– 21 poses for 3 avatars
– Accessories with texture changing options (table clothes, candles)
– A working ouija board
– Seance table decorations

and also, included in the FULL PACK :
– 1 bonus chair with 5 poses for the 4th avatar (available in the set only)
– the COMPLETE ROOM SET with texture changing walls and decorations

The MEDIUM poses (orange ball) are : UNISEX
the other poses are optimized for a female avatar

The Seance by Thalia Heckroth (video)

[L A N D M A R K]



[LA] Halloween and Fall Releases (part#1)

7 Oct


Enjoy this magical fall season, FALL(ing) in love..

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Part of the serie of autumnal themed multiposes:

“FALL (ing) in LOVE” has been released with :

  • 7 couple poses (6 poses + 1 bonus pose in alternative version) and accessories/props/complete autumn scene
  • Copy and Mod.
  • Poses easily adjustable.

[PROMO] price! -50% only 499 L$!





The Halloween Swing and Tree

First release of the new  LostAngel Halloween Collection of multiposes and props!

  • The Swing: 6 female poses (not swinging!)
  • The Tree : 5 male/unisex poses
  • Great for landscaping and halloween emo-dark mood modeling photoshots and ads.
  • Fatpack promo price! (You can purchase the tree and the swing separately inworld)
  • Sit to start the multipose. Poses easily adjustable via chat menu
  • Copy and Mod






[LA] LostAngel Ind.@ Vintage Fair 2012

1 Aug


LostAngel Ind. presents:

“F I L M   N O I R – A poseable Gangster’s Story”

Part of this special collection all “noir” themed :

The Dark Alley” scene – with 7 couple poses!

The Dark Alley

Touch the STREET LAMP to activate the multipose.
Sit on poseballs, switch off your AO and accept the animation request.
Change poses using the menu.
Adjust the poses via menu > OPTIONS > Adjust Position
All Copy/Mod

[INCLUDED] The Dark Alley scene, with background changing options (not everything is shown at Vintage Fair due to prim limits)

the “Detective Room” with 7 couple poses!

The Detective Room

Everything is menu commanded and copy/mod, touch the DESK to activate the multipose
Sit on poseballs, switch off your AO and accept the animation request.
Change poses using the menu.
Adjust the poses via menu > OPTIONS > Adjust Position
All Copy/Mod

[INCLUDED] The complete Detective Room scene, with lot of accessories and props!

(not everything is shown at Vintage Fair due to prim limits)


the dark alley

the Dark Alley

the Dark Alley

The Detective Room

Only at Vintage Fair from August 4th.



[LA] LOSTANGEL: Introducing The Seven Elements “Wind” and “Structures” multiposes

21 May


Debut of the serie of minimal props multiposes with editorial poses showcasing shoes, clothes, hair, jewelry.

Structures  showcasing “Shoes” has been released with 8 female poses and accessories (shopping bags and boxes)

Copy and Mod.

Structures- Shoes vendor



>>The Seven Elements Collection: W I N D

The 4th of the Seven Elements has been released: is Wind (Air).

Pose in a stormy cloud prop with lightnings and 10 evocative windy poses options.

Feel the power of wind….

Accessories included. Copy and Mod.



  • Bloggers and VIP Groups are now open. All the info about are here (blogger’s) and here (vip’s)
  • Spring Collection is now available at LostAngel Ind. in a cozy, romantic woody place. L A N D M A R K 
  • A new Terminal system has been placed at the sim, to help you to explore and find what you need.
  •  Gates and mysterious doors that link every part of the sim has been placed to make your shopping experience unique and funny.
  • Is good to get lost in LostAngel! But if you are in a hurry the Teleport system, located in every room will help you to reach immediately what you need.
  • The Latest Releases Room is the place to find all the recent releases, and their landmarks. L A N D M A R K
  • New website style! L I N K 

[LA] “SPRING” Collection at POSE FAIR 2012

13 Apr

S P R I N G   C O L L E C T I O N

Brand new for the Pose Fair, near to opening,  a totally spring/country  themed collection 

that includes 9 new multiposes conceived for editorial, fashion photography and vendors shots.

The Straw Bales - Multipose
8 Female/Some Unisex poses - 3 prims

The Straw Bales - Multipose
8 Female/Some Unisex poses - 3 prims

The Fence - Multipose
10 female/ some unisex poses - only 1 prim!

The Fence - Multipose
10 female/ some unisex poses - only 1 prim!

The Crates - Friend Poses
1 Couple Pose/2 prims each

The Crates - Friend Poses
1 Couple Pose/ 2 prims each

The Bird - Multipose
5 poses with props (birds)

The Pier - Multipose
4 Couple Poses - 1 prim!

The Hat - Multipose
5 Poses with props ( hat)

The Hat - Multipose
5 poses and props (hat)

The Flowers - Multipose
5 female poses and props (flowers/butterflies)

The Boat - Multipose
1 couple pose and 3 female/1 male pose


To try the multiposes click on them and follow the menu.

Sit on poseballs, accept the animation request and switch off your AO.

For the Straw Bales and the Fence , just sit on them.

* Every piece in this collection is [COPY and MOD] – this allows you to use the props in your own photostudio ,

to copy the poses inside the prop in your inventory and use them in your own posestand,

and to request copies of your purchases using the Redelivery System.

(the scripts can be no mod/no copy)

* Every piece in this collection is a MULTIPOSE,  includes menu driven and adjustable poses.

To adjust the pose simply type /1a in main chat and follow instructions (Straw Bales or Fence);

or follow the menu for the other multiposes.


A Fatpack is available at -50% promo price , but only during the Pose Fair 

it  includes all the 9 multiposes from Spring Collection AND THE COMPLETE PHOTOSET

(with grass, lake etc..)


More info on this release:

Website (new!)




LostAngel #Pose Fair (Slurl) 

See you at Pose Fair on April 15th!

[LA] Neon Glow Collection

9 Mar

Introducing the

” The Neon Glow Collection

Posing with a neon tub, playing with settings to create great lighting effects!

Vers. 1 with Fashion poses

Available in two versions, with sexy-flirting and with fashion-attitude poses

Each version includes 10 female poses and props

(neon tubs in different colors)

All copy and mod: the multipose with props are very shape-sensitive,

that’s why you can simply move, adjust and resize everything on the scene to better fit your shape.

You can easily adjust the poses using the menu.

Just touch the tub to start the multipose!

Vers. 2 with Sexy Poses

Touch the images to go to the Marketplace page


[LA] New Modeling Poses

28 Feb

Modeling poses are back! With a nice surprise 🙂
All modeling poses has been reorganized, and prices has been lowered permanently to 50L$
Posepacks have been lowered too to 455L$!

It’s time to do some pose shopping!

We are also glad to introduce the New Collections for Female and (finally!) Male:

THE TOUGH BOY : Attitude and cheeky – 10 male poses: copy and mod

THE FASHION ARMY:  10 plastic editorial, pretty different female modeling poses

All the posepacks available: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lostangel/102/30/30/

La Diva

La Diva

Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction

Summer crash


Just Dance

Spring Fever

Licensed to Thrill

Fashion Boy