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[LA] New Modeling Poses

28 Feb

Modeling poses are back! With a nice surprise 🙂
All modeling poses has been reorganized, and prices has been lowered permanently to 50L$
Posepacks have been lowered too to 455L$!

It’s time to do some pose shopping!

We are also glad to introduce the New Collections for Female and (finally!) Male:

THE TOUGH BOY : Attitude and cheeky – 10 male poses: copy and mod

THE FASHION ARMY:  10 plastic editorial, pretty different female modeling poses

All the posepacks available: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lostangel/102/30/30/

La Diva

La Diva

Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction

Summer crash


Just Dance

Spring Fever

Licensed to Thrill

Fashion Boy

[LA] Futuristic Chair Multipose

24 Mar

Finally a new release! Introducing …


It’s a shiny low prims multipose with 12 female posh poses inside.
Great for promo shots. With 5 colors included. All copy/mod and menu’ commanded.

At a promo price for this week!

More info, pics, landmarks, and NEWS on the new website : http://www.lostangel-industries.com

[LA] New Female Poses!

30 Jun

Twenty new Female singular Poses in the categories ” Chic” “Insolence” and “Saucy“…. this one has reached 20 poses, so the Saucy fatpack is ready as well!

[some pics]

Available in the LostAngel Mainstore