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[LA] Futuristic Chair Multipose

24 Mar

Finally a new release! Introducing …


It’s a shiny low prims multipose with 12 female posh poses inside.
Great for promo shots. With 5 colors included. All copy/mod and menu’ commanded.

At a promo price for this week!

More info, pics, landmarks, and NEWS on the new website : http://www.lostangel-industries.com

[LA] LostAngel at POSE FAIR

2 Apr

i was concerned i couldn’t meet the deadline for this great event dedicated to poses and animations, due to pc problems and RL, but honestly i couldn’t pass on this!  and thanks to Katey Coppola (organisation) that reserved us a space at the last second (literally) and that really wanted us there!


So i had to prepare very quickly some NEW cool items for this occasion, now available for sale at Pose Fair,  and part of the profits (50% or 100%) will go to Motivation, a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support
(more info : http://www.motivation.org.uk/)

Cozy Pouffs ( Couches not -yet- available) [Multipose]

Multipose with 8 cozy poses /Available in Black, White, and Brown – COPY/MOD

50% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

Pin Ups part#2 [Group Pose]

Sequel of a popular group pose from the 2008 Collection – COPY/MOD

50% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

All about Romance [Couple Pose]

The title says all. Very romantic couple pose.

100% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

So come and take a look!

[LA] LostAngel Industries UPDATE – New Couple Collection!

26 Feb

Hello LostAngels! I missed you all ..
Finally a new release!  Some stylish couple poses , perfect for magazine ads and glam photo shoots, come check it out!


V A L E N T I N E   S T Y L I S H   Collection

Ok they are called “Valentine” but i wasn’t in the mood for a cuddling-sentimental poses release, so this new collection is not particularly romantic, but it’s for sure very fashionable, and suitable for all the occasions!

The real reason of the choice of this name is to celebrate the Valentine #3 Year Collection release in LostAngel activity.

To celebrate this,  a fatpack is available at a bargain price!

  • NOTE:  new permissions!  [Mod] Yes – [Copy] Yes – [Redelivery Service] -Yes – [Giftcards] – Yes
  • Valentine collections series #1 and #2 are available at LostAngel Sky District
  • #4 is “Cover Me Up” fixed,  now available again for sale

Halloween Madness at LostAngel!

14 Oct

“Darkness falls across the land.  The midnight hour is close at hand….

Get a jump on your halloween with some HOT , new, amazing Halloween releases from LostAngel !

… Halloween Maddness is here!

“Choose your weapon.  Choose your Room and get… nicely slayed! …… It’s to DIE for!”

All operators are busy right now…Please HOLD!”
Scene: Dark alley
Weapon: Knife, on the back
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

“What’s good for dinner? ….. YOU!”
Scene: Kitchen
Weapon: [not identified]
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options/ different SKIN tones available
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

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[LA] LostAngel Industries UPDATE – Cubisms!

21 Sep

[LA] Cubes!, originally uploaded by Evangeline Cortes.

A change of seasons and back on the grind, LostAngel Industries is proud to present the lastest in our releases of top quality prop poses. The “Cubes” are a simply elegant, fun, funny and versatile prop with quality poses that can be copied for use in composition for group poses, in one’s personal pose stand or Hud, and for use in with all photostudios.

With such names as “Sassy“, “Fierce” and “Pretty ‘n Punk” for the ladies; and, soon, something for the boys, each cube has flavors within flavors all in decorative, changeable, holograms on the front.

– 8 different hot female poses in every cube
– animated texture changing side
– Copy/Mod

The Cube collection is fun and fun to play with combinations limited only by your imagination, so come in to LostAngel Industries and pick up your very own!


>>>> Supernice review of the Cubes! by Flower Ducatillion in Slupergirls

I’m also glad to welcome in the LA staff, miss Tempest Hennesy, PA. For further information please contact her inworld or at tempestation@gmail.com


Evangeline [Pretty ‘n Punk] is wearing: Skin by LAQ; Hair by TRUTH, Boots by Bax Coen; Accessories (tears, lashes, gloves) by Glow Studio; Corset by AByss; Skirt by Elate-part of an outfit; necklace by p/a.

Evangeline [Fierce] is wearing: Skin by LAQ; Hair by TRUTH; Shoes by Maitreya GOLD; Bodysuit by KIM.

Evangeline[ Sassy] is wearing: Skin by Dream Ink; Hair by 69; Boots by Bax Coen; Bodysuit by KIM.

[LA] Are you ready?!?!

10 May

Top: Invite by Absinthe Primrose

Bottom: Telport Pod Invite by event sponsor Jackie Graves of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal

(thanks Jackie!!) with slight modifications by Absinthe Primrose…invite going out tonight!

~~~~~~~~~ LostAngel Industries – Captain’s Log ~~~~~~~~

10 May 2009 – At first it seemed impossible to build where once nothing stood.

Reports are now in that the station is at last complete, able to sustain life, and a portal to the underworld has been established (provided safety masks are worn).

Our first guests are expected soon and we will find out how successful we are at reestablishing life in this new beginning.

Mission guidelines have been set for our guests, should they follow them, all should go well.

We’ve prepared a map but survivial is up to them.

~~~~~~~~~ MISSION DETAILS ~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dress Code: Cyber Glam

More than $50k in gifts and prizes to be distributed

10AM to 2PM
DJ Summer Deadlight
Main Roon

12PM to 2PM
DJ Mace Runo

2PM to 4PM
DJ Azu Catteneo
White Room

4PM to 6PM
DJ Kromus Korobase
Glow Room

Access to Event Closed until May 10th @ 10am. Will post again tomorrow with LM!

It’s a New Age … Are You In?

Sim Build by Evangeline Cortes 
Hosted by LostAngel Industries
Powered by Studio Red
Sponsored by Graves – Leather. Latex. Metal.
PR by Avenue

[LA] Valentine Pack ’09

10 Feb

Valentine Pack is now available at LostAngel Sky District!

Valentine Pack ’09 includes:

  • 4 Couple Poses : Classic, very photographic, absolutely romantic.
  • 1 Couple Pose with an heart prop ( beating at touch )
  • Available separately or in a fatpack (-20% discount, one free)

Valentine #1:

(thanks to:  Mr Cheyn Lane for modelling with me)


(thanks to:  Mr David Dinzel for modelling with me)


(Thanks to: Miss Digit Darkes and Mr Cicciuzzo Gausman for modeling for me)


(Thanks to: Miss Pompeja Rossini and Mr Kaoz Koba from Damiani for modeling for me)

Valentine#5 – touch the heart!

Heart Prop included, it starts to beat if touched!

(no LA big logo on the heart, just for this pic)

Thanks to my sun, Pier Tempel!

  • Buying the Fatpack you will pay for 4 poses, one is free!

Located in > LostAngel Sky District >  Poses Store.

Happy Valentine!<3


Evangeline is wearing: .::Vassnia::. Pie – The Night Dress (no skirt)
Necklace and Earrings: Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: [ND]

Valentine #2
Evangeline is wearing:
Outfit and pants: by Redgrave
Shoes: Pin Up pumps by Stiletto Moody
Necklace and Earrings :  Fabulous by Dango Jewell
Hair: Abyss

Valentine #3:
Digit Darkes is wearing an outfit created by: Digit Darkes

Pompeja Rossini is wearing an outfit created by: Pompeja Rossini (Pomj)

Valentine #5:
Evangeline is wearing:
Hat and Jacket: Argrace
Hair : Abyss
Jeans: SYD
Shoes: Flat ballerina’s by ETD

psssssst.  Please remember that ” LostAngel”  is ONE word, no spaces, no plural 🙂