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[LA] Carnival!

28 Jan

[LA] The Carnival 

Mysterious and intriguing,
includes 7 solo female poses with different masks!

Carnival Multipose with mask props

Carnival Multipose with mask props

– 7 solo poses with props.
Touch the multipose (pillow with mask) to start > chose the pose > the prop will rezz automatically

– MASK props -> rezzed by the multipose, you can move them, copy them in in your inventory from the content tab
and wear them like attachments.

– you can ADJUST the poses using the menu commands > OPTIONS > ADJUST POSITIONS

– All copy/mod



8 Jun


The next element to be released for the serie “The Seven Elements” will be “Earth“.  In this collection there will be a lot of props nature-seasons themed, perfect for posing and landscaping.  Four “swings” one for each season with 10 female solo poses, the “trunks” with male and female poses, the magic “mushrooms” with props and poses, the “ice sculptures” with female and couple poses and as usual a dollarbie gift. But not only: for the first time for every season outfits and accessories!

More info and preview images soon on the website Stay tuned 🙂

Release date: mid June

Ps. My facebook account has gone, thank you FB:( http://www.mondivirtuali.it/portal/en/content/zuckerberg-hunting-avatars For all my ex almost-2k FB contacts please like the LostAngel Page on Facebook, you can still find me there!


[LA] LostAngel Ind. “Wind of Desire”

12 Apr

Introducing “Wind of Desire
first release of  “Sensual Nights
a 1001 Nights inspired collection that will include sensual props,
furniture multiposes and couple poses.

Posing with a  gentle, sensuous breeze that caressed your body….
touch the amphore and this multipose will rezz poses and props (texture changing veils)

* 10 female poses and props – menu commanded – copy and mod

more info on: http://www.lostangel-industries.com
come and try it, you will love it!

W I N D   O F   D E S I R E

[LA] Futuristic Chair Multipose

24 Mar

Finally a new release! Introducing …


It’s a shiny low prims multipose with 12 female posh poses inside.
Great for promo shots. With 5 colors included. All copy/mod and menu’ commanded.

At a promo price for this week!

More info, pics, landmarks, and NEWS on the new website : http://www.lostangel-industries.com

Halloween Madness at LostAngel!

14 Oct

“Darkness falls across the land.  The midnight hour is close at hand….

Get a jump on your halloween with some HOT , new, amazing Halloween releases from LostAngel !

… Halloween Maddness is here!

“Choose your weapon.  Choose your Room and get… nicely slayed! …… It’s to DIE for!”

All operators are busy right now…Please HOLD!”
Scene: Dark alley
Weapon: Knife, on the back
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

“What’s good for dinner? ….. YOU!”
Scene: Kitchen
Weapon: [not identified]
Options: Available in Complete Poseset/Crime Scene Only
Texture Changer Set/many colors and options/ different SKIN tones available
Permissions: All copy and Mod
Available in Fatpack: YES

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[LA] Boudoir Chaise Multipose

4 Apr

We are proud to present our MULTIPOSE BOUDOIR CHAISE
Ideal for photographers, beautiful as a furniture too

– 10 menu driven and adjustable sexy poses
– 8 different combination of colors
– only 6 prims (shadow is included)
– photographic effect
– it’s copy

The pose scripts will memorize last 50 avatars positions. You can adjust your pose with the friendly menu.

You will be able to change the color combinations by a simple chat command.

Boudoir Chaise Colors


[LA] Multipose Fashion Stool

3 Mar

LostAngel presents the Multipose Fashion Stool

* 10 fashion poses
* stool prims are full mod
* Menu driven without poseballs
* 5 prims
* Permission are: MOD |NO COPY |TRANS
* Price : 650 L $

Is also available the COPY version

* Permission are: MOD | COPY | NO TRANS

Come try it at the Gallery! Available also on OnRez and SLXchange