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[LA] LostAngel at POSE FAIR

2 Apr

i was concerned i couldn’t meet the deadline for this great event dedicated to poses and animations, due to pc problems and RL, but honestly i couldn’t pass on this!  and thanks to Katey Coppola (organisation) that reserved us a space at the last second (literally) and that really wanted us there!


So i had to prepare very quickly some NEW cool items for this occasion, now available for sale at Pose Fair,  and part of the profits (50% or 100%) will go to Motivation, a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support
(more info : http://www.motivation.org.uk/)

Cozy Pouffs ( Couches not -yet- available) [Multipose]

Multipose with 8 cozy poses /Available in Black, White, and Brown – COPY/MOD

50% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

Pin Ups part#2 [Group Pose]

Sequel of a popular group pose from the 2008 Collection – COPY/MOD

50% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

All about Romance [Couple Pose]

The title says all. Very romantic couple pose.

100% of sales profits will go to MOTIVATION

So come and take a look!