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[LA] LostAngel Industries UPDATE – Cubisms!

21 Sep

[LA] Cubes!, originally uploaded by Evangeline Cortes.

A change of seasons and back on the grind, LostAngel Industries is proud to present the lastest in our releases of top quality prop poses. The “Cubes” are a simply elegant, fun, funny and versatile prop with quality poses that can be copied for use in composition for group poses, in one’s personal pose stand or Hud, and for use in with all photostudios.

With such names as “Sassy“, “Fierce” and “Pretty ‘n Punk” for the ladies; and, soon, something for the boys, each cube has flavors within flavors all in decorative, changeable, holograms on the front.

– 8 different hot female poses in every cube
– animated texture changing side
– Copy/Mod

The Cube collection is fun and fun to play with combinations limited only by your imagination, so come in to LostAngel Industries and pick up your very own!


>>>> Supernice review of the Cubes! by Flower Ducatillion in Slupergirls

I’m also glad to welcome in the LA staff, miss Tempest Hennesy, PA. For further information please contact her inworld or at tempestation@gmail.com


Evangeline [Pretty ‘n Punk] is wearing: Skin by LAQ; Hair by TRUTH, Boots by Bax Coen; Accessories (tears, lashes, gloves) by Glow Studio; Corset by AByss; Skirt by Elate-part of an outfit; necklace by p/a.

Evangeline [Fierce] is wearing: Skin by LAQ; Hair by TRUTH; Shoes by Maitreya GOLD; Bodysuit by KIM.

Evangeline[ Sassy] is wearing: Skin by Dream Ink; Hair by 69; Boots by Bax Coen; Bodysuit by KIM.

[LA] Posestand 1.4

3 Mar

If you’re a serious photographer you can’t miss it! 😉


* 3 prims
* Configuration notecard
* Chat commands to change pose, rotate, hide, etc… (configurable channel)
* Access control (owner, group, everyone)
* More will come in upcoming *FREE* versions

Permissions are: MOD | COPY | NO TRANS

You can have your model sit on it and forget about clicking everywhere trying to chage his/her pose…
Just say the command on the chat line and the posestand will follow your orders.

v1.1 first standard posestand.. nothing is different from others
v1.2 basic chat commands .. back and next
v1.3 added more commads (rotation and info), auto update feature implemented
v1.4 config file – access restriction

Come try it at the Gallery! Available also on OnRez and SLXchange